Before and After Photos of Historic Monuments Ruined in Nepal Quake

The death toll in Nepal from last weekend’s 7.9 magnitude earthquake has exceeded 4,000 people, a number expected to rise as local authorities continue to comb through the remote regions surrounding the country’s capital of Kathmandu. But also lost in the indiscriminate destructive powers of the quake were… » 4/28/15 2:37pm 11 minutes ago

While a Serial Killer Was Murdering Black Women, the LAPD Stayed Quiet

From around 1985 to 2007, a serial killer known as the “Grim Sleeper” murdered black women in South Central Los Angeles. He had 10 known victims (one woman he attempted to murder survived) and is suspected of killing more than 100 more. In 2010, Lonnie David Franklin Jr., the suspected Grim Sleeper, was arrested. He… » 4/28/15 2:25pm 23 minutes ago

Americans All! (Please Ignore the Mexican Colonels)

Next week, U.S. and Mexican military commands will secretly get together to practice cross-border operations, including scenarios that involve the massive movement of Mexican citizens into Arizona as a result of a magnitude 7.8 Southern California earthquake, and suspected outbreaks of diseases caused by terrorist use… » 4/28/15 2:05pm 43 minutes ago

FBI Warned Cops to Lock Down Their Social Media After Freddie Gray's…

Two days after Baltimorean Freddie Gray died from a broken spine suffered in police custody, the FBI sent this alert to local law enforcement, warning cops against “cyber attacks” by “hacktivists.” » 4/28/15 1:54pm 54 minutes ago

Watch This Video of Baltimore Gang Members Explaining Their Truce

The absolute citywide tragedy and outpouring of pain all over the streets in Baltimore last night was another breaking point in America’s attempt to negotiate and get out from under centuries of explicitly racist state violence, which in recent years has reached a fever pitch all over America but also, notably, within… » 4/28/15 12:56pm Today 12:56pm

Maryland Governor, Baltimore Mayor Walk Off Interview With Don Lemon

Everyone’s favorite CNN anchor interviewed Maryland governor Larry Hogan and Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake late last night. The contentious 11-minute interview, during which Lemon repeatedly asked the two about their responses to yesterday’s protests and riots, did not end well.
» 4/28/15 12:04pm Today 12:04pm

Are More MTA Fare Increases Coming? Please, No, Anything But That

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is in yet another bind. If state lawmakers do not agree to fund the remainder of the MTA’s five-year capital plan, the deadline for which is coming up in June, there may be a need to increase fares and tolls by 15 percent in order to make ends meet. » 4/28/15 11:17am Today 11:17am

Baltimore Residents Volunteer to Clean Up Damage From Riots, Looting

As Baltimore braces itself for a second day of potentially violent protests, volunteers gathered this morning at North and Pennsylvania Avenues—the epicenter of yesterday’s protests—to clean up the destruction from the rioting and looting at a CVS and other neighborhood businesses. » 4/28/15 10:34am Today 10:34am