Chuck Blazer Admits Taking Bribes For World Cup Votes

Testimony from former FIFA and CONCACAF official Chuck Blazer was unsealed today. In it, Blazer swore under oath that he and members of the executive committee accepted and facilitated bribes in exchange for awarding the 1998 and 2010 World Cups. (Blazer voted for Morocco and South Africa, respectively.) » 6/03/15 4:50pm 20 minutes ago

Hurricane Blanca May or May Not Drench the Southwestern U.S. Next Week

Hurricane Blanca is only the second named storm in the three-week-old Pacific Hurricane Season, but it’s already the second category four hurricane to form there in the past two days. The storm will slowly move towards the Baja Peninsula this weekend, after which it might or might not drench the American Southwest. » 6/03/15 4:40pm 30 minutes ago

The Pursuit of Happiness Will Lead You to Will Smith's Facebook Page

As of this writing, the profile picture on professional actor Will Smith’s Facebook page has one and a half million likes. It is a black and white photograph of the actor’s face obscured partially by a blurred, spread-fingered hand. It is cropped to the incorrect proportions for Facebook, where the professional actor… » 6/03/15 4:15pm 54 minutes ago

Publisher of The Toast Nick Pavich Is Out for Murky Reasons

Jezebel has learned that Nicholas Pavich has left The Toast, a popular lady site frequented by post-structuralist art history fans, where he served as publisher since January 2013. Pavich’s tenure at the blog apparently ended over some vague but certainly bad blood between him and its co-founders, Mallory Ortberg and… » 6/03/15 4:07pm Today 4:07pm

U.S. Gov: Oops We Mailed Potentially Deadly Anthrax Around the World

Ah, fuck! The Pentagon just said its anthrax mistake is worse than previously believed: live samples of the deadly virus might have reached 51 different labs in 17 different states, D.C., and three foreign countries. Also, this has been going on for the past decade. » 6/03/15 3:25pm Today 3:25pm

Cheap Wine Sucks: A Manifesto

While Mother Jones certainly has the right to get out from under their image as the resting place of old potatoes on your weirdest uncle’s kitchen table, it is interesting to see that one of the ways they’re moving toward A New Tomorrow is by aggregating a video called EXPENSIVE WINE IS FOR SUCKERS put together by the… » 6/03/15 2:45pm Today 2:45pm

We Caused ISIS and We Can't Stop It, But It May Eat Itself Eventually

Who’s to blame for ISIS’s rise to power in Syria and Iraq? How do we stop it? What’s the end goal really look like? If you read Gawker’s April interview with badass intel officer Malcolm Nance, you know a bit about these questions. He offers more (depressing) background today in the Intercept. » 6/03/15 1:55pm Today 1:55pm

Insane Duggar Cult Leader Posts "New Statement," Immediately Deletes It

Bill Gothard, the 80-year-old perpetual bachelor, alleged sexual abuser of at least 34 women, and founder of the Duggars’ warped fundamentalist homeschool cult, has some thoughts to share in the form of a fancy new website with a “new statement.” Or at least, he did for the few hours it was live. Now, the new site and… » 6/03/15 1:45pm Today 1:45pm

FBI Now Investigating Whether Russia and Qatar Bought Their World Cups

The FBI’s investigation of FIFA, the apparently corrupt-as-hell governing body of world soccer, will include a review of the bidding process that awarded the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar, an anonymous U.S. law enforcement source told Reuters. Good. » 6/03/15 1:35pm Today 1:35pm

Report: Bloody Shoes Link Pizza-Loving Suspect to D.C. Mansion Killings

CNN reports that there’s more than pizza crust linking Darron Wint to a gruesome quadruple murder committed last month inside a Washington D.C. mansion. The blood from at least one victim was found on Wint’s shoes when he was arrested, according to law enforcement sources who spoke with the news station.
» 6/03/15 1:11pm Today 1:11pm

How to Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Sometimes it’s easy to become so jaded by your own city that you forget all it has to offer. Even though I’ve lived in NYC for 15 years, there are places I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I’ve never been: like the Statue of Liberty. And the Empire State Building. And every chain restaurant in Times Square. » 5/19/15 10:00am 5/19/15 10:00am