Red Robin Owns Distinction of Serving America's Unhealthiest Meal

Red Robin is home to the unhealthiest meal in America, according to USA Today. In a report released by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the "Monster" double burger, "bottomless" fries and a "Monster" milkshake clocks in at 3,450 calories. Also on the list were offerings from The Cheesecake Factory,… » 7/30/14 10:12pm 36 minutes ago

Brian Williams "Reports" His Daughter Allison's Casting in Peter Pan

Allison Williams must be so embarrassed right now. Her dad, Brian, "reported" on the NBC Nightly News tonight her casting in NBC's forthcoming live production of Peter Pan. "Family members confirm that she's been rehearsing for this role since the age of three and they look forward to seeing her fly," he said on-air. » 7/30/14 9:24pm Today 9:24pm

Teen Sets Self On Fire for Dumb YouTube "Fire Challenge"

A teenager in Kentucky was hospitalized and treated for burns after participating in a "fire challenge," a teen craze sweeping the nation in which you pour alcohol on yourself and light it on fire. WKYT reports that the teen, who did not reveal his name to press, simply "poured alcohol on it, and lit it, and it… » 7/30/14 9:10pm Today 9:10pm

Google Eviction Specialist Refuses to Be Served Lawsuit

Jack Halprin may be the head of Google's armada of eDiscovery lawyers, but he's becoming an serial evictor back in San Francisco. After purchasing a seven-unit building in the Mission District in 2012, he quickly began illegally evicting his tenants. But now four of his tenants are suing him for violating a litany… » 7/30/14 7:20pm Today 7:20pm

Israeli Army Member Crowdfunded Battle Gear for Urban Warfare

Two years ago, students at ITP, NYU's "high-tech funhouse," built a fake Kickstarter to warn viewers about the possibility that crowdfunding platforms might eventually be used for warfare. That bit of online performance art turned out to be prescient. Earlier this week, a campaign on Crowdtilt successfully raised… » 7/30/14 6:42pm Today 6:42pm

Nearly Nude Dude Who Fired Gun Outside Pizzeria May Have Been on Acid

Andrew Engle — a 27-year-old Michigan man who, wearing only a towel, accidentally discharged his gun while banging on a local pizzeria's windows until one shattered because he was angry that the restaurant was closed even though it was actually open — may have taken acid before his arrest Saturday. » 7/30/14 5:26pm Today 5:26pm

My Weekend Hanging Out With PC Gaming's Most Hardcore Players

Face-to-face LAN parties—local game gatherings, usually PC-focused—just aren't what they used to be in this modern, always connected age. Not even one of the biggest in the world can escape time. But the thousands of PC gamers who gather in Texas every summer are pushing off the inevitable as heroically as they can. » 7/30/14 4:44pm Today 4:44pm

Putin Regime Offering 3.9 Million to Expose Tor's Anonymous Network​

Russia is hoping that 3.9 million roubles will be sufficient to produce a feasibility study on cracking Tor—a nonprofit service that reroutes internet traffic to anonymize user's IP addresses. Turns out: They could have saved over 3.7 million roubles just by switching to whatever these guys at Carnegie Mellon did! » 7/30/14 4:32pm Today 4:32pm

Friendship Means Saving Your Bestie From Herself

It's National Friendship Day, and, really, is there a more important holiday? If life is a cheesy 80's movie, friends are the weed edibles that make it watchable. Without amigos, who would stop us from getting baby bangs? Your friends constantly save you from the horrorshow that is your life, and it's time to repay… » 7/30/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm