Teens Charged With Murder After Woman Guns Down Intruder in ICP Mask

An Ohio woman shot and killed a local teen on Sunday after he and three other teenagers were allegedly caught trespassing in her home at 4 a.m. At the time of the shooting, the teen was reportedly wearing an Insane Clown Posse mask and standing over the bed of her sonh holding a knife. Police later discovered that the… » 9/17/14 10:57am 2 minutes ago

Here's Where Criminals Go to Buy Guns Online

You don't need Tor. You don't need super-secret encryption. And you definitely don't need a background check. Getting firearms online, fast, without any legal fuss, is pretty easy. In fact, a new report concludes plenty of domestic abusers and violent felons are getting guns that way. » 9/17/14 10:41am 17 minutes ago

Man Has 100-lb. Scrotum Removed, Looks Forward to Sex With Wife

Dan Maurer—a man who's made headlines for his 100-pound scrotum—successfully had the growth removed in surgery last month. Among the things he looks forward to after rehabilitation is having sex with his wife for the first time in seven years. » 9/17/14 10:33am 26 minutes ago

Pregnant Woman Fends Off Purse Snatcher Hours Before Giving Birth

A pregnant woman was putting her groceries into her car in the parking lot of a Kroger's in Flint, Mich. when Mark Newton, 30, ran up and snatched her purse. According to police, the woman, nine months pregnant, chased after the thief, who pushed her to the ground. That's when two good Samaritans stepped in, who were… » 9/17/14 10:25am 34 minutes ago

Peter Thiel Slams Twitter: "A lot of pot smoking going on over there"

Everyone's favorite gay libertarian hypocrite is up early this morning, and he's got big opinions: Peter Thiel just hopped on CNBC to call Twitter's executives a bunch of weed-snorting losers. » 9/17/14 10:09am 49 minutes ago

The Online Legacy of a Suicide Cult and the Webmasters Who Stayed Behind

Every month, the bills get paid on time. The emails get answered, and any orders filled. Which, for HeavensGate.com, is positively extraordinary. Because as far as the public is aware, every last member of the suicide cult died 17 years ago from a cocktail of arsenic and apple sauce. A few stayed behind, though.… » 9/17/14 9:45am Today 9:45am

ISIS Releases New Video Threatening to Kill U.S. Forces in Iraq

In a bizarre new video reportedly released by ISIS late Tuesday that resembles a Hollywood movie trailer, the Sunni militant group appears to threaten to kill American troops in Iraq. The short clip, apparently a preview of a longer video called "Flames of War," ends with the message, "fighting has just begun" and… » 9/17/14 8:18am Today 8:18am

Philly Hate Crime Suspects Tracked Down by Anonymous Twitter Hero

The suspects in a violent gang assault on two gay men in Philadelphia have apparently been located by an anonymous Twitter sleuth from Jersey. The victims, who haven't been publicly identified, were walking in Center City around 10:45 p.m. on September 11 when they came face-to-face with a large, clean-cut-looking… » 9/16/14 11:46pm Yesterday 11:46pm

Adrian Peterson Just "Overdid It" A Little, Columnist Argues

The super-smart takes on the Adrian Peterson debacle just keep coming. Almost as soon as the Minnesota Vikings running back was indicted for child abuse, people started chiming in with all sorts of opinions they should probably have kept to themselves: Charles Barkley called beating a child just a black, Southern… » 9/16/14 10:45pm Yesterday 10:45pm

Gay Fashion Photographer Blinded With Gasoline in Suspected Hate Crime

Tyler Maddick's vision was already ailing, and as a fashion photographer, his vision is key to his art and his profession. Unfortunately, he says his vision in one eye is now unlikely to ever recover because of an alleged hate crime in which he was doused by gasoline. » 9/16/14 10:02pm Yesterday 10:02pm

CNN: Doctor Took Mid-Surgery Selfie with Unconscious Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers' doctor took a selfie with the unconscious comedian in the operating room before her endoscopy, according to a new report from CNN. The ear, nose and throat specialist, who hasn't been publicly identified, was also allowed to perform a biopsy on her vocal cords, a procedure that Rivers hadn't previously… » 9/16/14 9:35pm Yesterday 9:35pm

Reports: Possibly Pregnant Teens Who Joined ISIS Killed in Syria

A pair of Austrian teenagers who apparently fled to Syria to support ISIS may be pregnant by a pair of Chechen fighters, according to a probably-fake report in the New York Post. Several more reputable news outlets, meanwhile, are reporting that either Samra Kesinovic, 16, or her friend Sabina Selimovic, 15, may have… » 9/16/14 8:36pm Yesterday 8:36pm