What Was "The Game"? A Question and Answer About Last Night

Last night, “the game” was the Women’s World Cup final between the United States and Japan. The Americans scored four goals in the game’s first 16 minutes and eventually won 5-2, avenging their loss to the Japanese in the 2011 final. It is the U.S.’s first Women’s World Cup title since 1999. … » 7/06/15 10:17am 26 minutes ago

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Married or Perhaps Remarried Who Knows

It’s officially safe to presume Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—two beautiful famous people with an arguable talent for emoting—have entered a contract of holy matrimony. Or maybe they got married again. Who knows? These are the great mysteries of our time and they reveal themselves at their will, not ours. … » 7/06/15 8:42am Today 8:42am

Greece Rejects Austerity, Votes "No" to Bailout Terms

On Sunday, Greece overwhelmingly rejected the bailout terms proposed by its European creditors, with a projected 61% of the country voting “no” to further austerity measures via a national referendum, the Associated Press reports.http://gawker.com/greece-misses-... » 7/05/15 6:15pm Yesterday 6:15pm

Chuck Knoblauch Engages In Twitter Beef, Only Has Lame-Ass Burns

If you’re former second baseman Chuck Knoblauch and you want to engage in some weird Twitter beef, live your life, man. But if you’re former second baseman Chuck Knoblauch, and people are sick of your nonsense after you stopped being able to throw to first base and have had multiple domestic violence incidents since… » 7/05/15 3:40pm Yesterday 3:40pm

Google's Dream Robot Is Running Wild Across the Internet

Remember a few weeks back, when we learned that Google’s artificial neural network was having creepy daydreams, turning buildings into acid trips and landscapes into Magic Eye pictures? Well, prepare to never sleep again, because last week, Google made its “inceptionism” algorithm available to the public, and the… » 7/05/15 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm