Page Six Reporters Lecture on the Importance of Ethical Journalism

Last night, the New School’s Center for Communication held a panel about gossip reporting—or, more precisely, ethical gossip reporting. “Despite the temptations and stereotypes,” flyers posted around the the university’s Greenwich Village campus read, “you CAN write a gossip column with integrity!” » 4/23/14 4:05pm 5 minutes ago

Oprah's Stepmom: Oprah and Gayle Sure Act Like More Than Friends

Oprah's ex-stepmother, Barbara Winfrey, claims that Oprah has forced her out of the home she shared with Oprah's dad, Vernon. She's retaliating by dishing all kinds of dirt in a two-part Daily Mail interview, of which part two is entirely devoted to weirdness of the Oprah-Stedman Graham-Gayle King triumvirate. » 4/23/14 3:00pm Today 3:00pm

Electing This Man Mayor of Oakland Will Be a Disaster for Oakland

The person on Oakland mayoral candidate and former tech exec Bryan Parker's staff who granted this interview made a very serious mistake. No one—you'd hope—is going to vote for a man who thinks the cure for American poverty is Bitcoin. » 4/23/14 2:07pm Today 2:07pm

A district judge in Kansas just granted Chelsea Manning's request to formally change her name to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning from Bradley Edward Manning. The ruling will force the Army to change the Wikileaks source's name on official records, though she'll still likely be kept in a men's prison unit. » 4/23/14 1:08pm Today 1:08pm

Tech CEO Dodges Felony Charge Despite Horrifying Abuse Video

RadiumOne CEO Gurbaksh "G" Chahal pled guilty to two misdemeanors for domestic violence and battery last week. The ad-tech executive faced 45 felony charges based on security footage from his San Francisco penthouse apartment, which allegedly showed him hitting and kicking his girlfriend 117 times in half an hour. » 4/23/14 12:39pm Today 12:39pm

Funky Fresh DJ Kate Middleton Adores Peplums, Tripping Balls

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a lot of fun in Australia on Wednesday, lightly placing their fingers on records under the close supervision of a professional disc jockey. After being reassured several times they had not been party to criminal conduct, the royal couple likely returned to their hotel and made real … » 4/23/14 12:25pm Today 12:25pm

Attention Network Solutions: We Will Buy, formerly the online home of New York Magazine, has been replaced with a "coming soon" placeholder page of the kind you usually see on squatted domain names. Network Solutions: If New York magazine no longer wants it, Gawker Media is prepared to pay up to $25 for the domain name Please contact me at… » 4/23/14 12:18pm Today 12:18pm

Watch This Spontaneous LA Chef Make Oreo Bread Pudding on the Fly

Playing with your food can be fun, but what about hacking your food? Oreo thinks that's even better. That's why they've launched their Snack Hack initiative by asking Nguyen Tran, founder of Starry Kitchen, for his spin on Oreo cookies: they wanted to see how the intuitive chef might work his magic on a snack that's… » 4/23/14 4:00pm 10 minutes ago

Be a Phone Psychic or Get Paid to Have Brunch -- The Choice is Yours


Are you sick of catering to the capricious whims of your horrible boss? Ready to throw in the towel on your high-octane career as a newspaper reporter — a job which, according to The Wall Street Journal, replaced lumberjack as the world's worst in 2013? Or are you just finally down to the dregs of that twelve-thousand… » 4/23/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm