Inquiry Finds Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Was Shot Down by a Russian Missile

According to an official Dutch inquiry into Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the flight was attacked by a Russian Buk surface-to-air missile fired from the ground in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard the commercial jetliner. »Today 8:57am

Bad News, Dudes: No More Nudes (In Playboy)

Beginning in March, the New York Times reports, Playboy will no longer publish photographs of fully nude women, which, despite this post’s headline, is not really “bad news,” for “dudes” (or anyone), because the internet is more or less composed of photographs of fully nude women—to say nothing of the fact that many… »Yesterday 10:25pm

Milwaukee Cops Sue Gun Dealer Over Negligent Sale Of Weapon That Nearly Killed Them

Closing arguments were made today in a case that represents a significant test of the PLCAA, with plaintiff’s attorneys arguing that the owners of Badger Guns in Milwaukee should pay millions of dollars in damages for selling a gun later used to shoot two Milwaukee police officers, reports the Associated Press. »Yesterday 10:05pm

Someone At Ellen Thought This Nicki Minaj Parody Was a Good Idea

On today’s Ellen, Ellen DeGeneres presented a “very exclusive sneak peek” of the upcoming ABC Family sitcom about Nicki Minaj’s early life. What ran was a satirical sketch that amounted to a little over of a minute of modern minstrelsy in which members of a black family bumbled around their house impeded by their… »Yesterday 7:30pm