Duo Driving Donuts on Toms River Send Dog to Icy Grave 

A New Jersey police dive team recovered a pickup truck that sunk into the Toms River early Sunday morning after the vehicle was spotted driving donuts on the ice. The driver and passenger later turned themselves into police; both were unharmed. Their dog was not so lucky: Police found its frozen body in the… » 3/01/15 9:05pm 7 minutes ago

Graphic Video: LAPD Officers Shoot Man Five Times in Broad Daylight

A video posted to Facebook Sunday night shows several LAPD cops struggling with a man before eventually shooting him on the street in downtown L.A. The man, still unidentified, was reportedly homeless. » 3/01/15 8:44pm 28 minutes ago

Rupert Murdoch to Rehire Favorite Disgraced News Corp Exec

Former News Corp executive and News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks, who, last year, was found not guilty of hacking a murdered 13-year-old's cell phone, is about to be rehired by her old employer (and possibly lover) Rupert Murdoch, The Guardian reports. » 3/01/15 3:55pm Today 3:55pm

Rand Paul Wins Meaningless CPAC Straw Poll for Third Year Running

On Saturday, Republican presidential hopeful won the Conservative Political Action Conference's presidential straw poll for the third consecutive year, the Guardian reports. Only three winners of 20 previous CPAC straw polls went on to win the party's nomination for president.http://jezebel.com/loving-the-shi... » 3/01/15 11:46am Today 11:46am

Dakota Johnson Joined ISIS on SNL and People Sure Are Upset About It

Last night, on Saturday Night Live, Dakota Johnson graduated from high school and joined ISIS. Her proud and teary-eyed dad, played by Taran Killiam, dropped her off. "Death to America," shouted an ISIS fighter played by Kyle Mooney. » 3/01/15 10:10am Today 10:10am

Storytime With Mom: A Genealogy of Rape

"If two people come together," my mother began, "who've never had any power except by the way of abuse, it's going to be bad. Both of us had power exerted over us as children. I eventually learned that as an adult, I was still doing the dance, seeking out abusive relationships. That doesn't mean it was my fault. But I… » 2/28/15 2:05pm Yesterday 2:05pm

Everyone in Russia Blaming Everyone Else for Opposition Leader's Death

Supporters and allies of the slain Boris Y. Nemtsov have expressed fear that the opposition leader's killing may have come at the behest of the government, the Washington Post reports. The government, meanwhile, has suggested that Nemtsov may have been martyred by other members of the opposition. » 2/28/15 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm