Stephen Colbert Delivers Top 10 List, Takes Selfie With David Letterman

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert visited The Late Show With David Letterman for the first time since he agreed to take over the show next year. Colbert was hilarious as usual, delivering his own Top 10 list and, naturally, taking a selfie with Letterman. » 4/23/14 1:46am Today 1:46am

Emperor of the Glassholes Finally Feels Shame

Google Glass is a $1,500 toy predicated on the absence of self-awareness—and so it's no surprise its early power users have been men like Robert Scoble, a roof-raising mascot of privacy antagonism. But now, even the man who once boasted of wearing his face computer in the shower is jumping ship. » 4/22/14 6:01pm Yesterday 6:01pm

When Taylor Swift Goes Book Shopping

Taylor Swift was out in SoHo again today, presumably with all of the tags cut off her clothing this time. She was spotted browsing the New York section of the bookstore McNally Jackson, which just so happens to be two blocks from the Gawker office, so I walked over to get a glimpse of an abnormal person attempting to… » 4/22/14 5:48pm Yesterday 5:48pm

One of America's Most Famous Architects Was a Nazi Propagandist

American architect Philip Johnson designed some of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century. Johnson, who died in 2005, has long been hailed as one of the greats. But there's one fact about the man that many people in the architecture community don't like to talk about: Johnson was a fascist who openly supported… » 4/22/14 5:18pm Yesterday 5:18pm

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Thanks Bitcoiners for Support in New Video

A charming video has just been posted to YouTube of Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto thanking the Bitcoin community for its support in the wake of the Newsweek story that alleged that he was the original creator of Bitcoin. He appears with Andreas Antonopoulos, who spearheaded a collection among bitcoiners (in bitcoin of… » 4/22/14 5:08pm Yesterday 5:08pm

I Can't Stop Staring at These Vape Trick Videos

The genus Selfie of the family Narcissus contains many species. There is the Selfie brunch and the Selfie drunk. There's the Selfie nail game, the Selfie duck face, and the Selfie humblebrag. But naturalists have only just begun to study a fascinating new breed, the fruit of a tremendous technological innovation in the … » 4/22/14 4:42pm Yesterday 4:42pm

Barack and Michelle Obama Salute Frankie Knuckles in Letter

Barack and Michelle Obama have added their voices to the public grieving of Frankie Knuckles, the Chicago house pioneer who died last month at age 59. Knuckles' frequent production partner David Morales shared via Facebook a letter addressed to Knuckles' family and friends that the President and First Lady signed. It… » 4/22/14 4:38pm Yesterday 4:38pm