Could the Line Outside of Central Perk Be Any Longer?

A Central Perk pop-up cafe popped up in NYC today to celebrate the beloved sitcom's 20th anniversary—the second-most labor intensive celebration to date—and, oh-my-god (Janice) a lot of people showed up to celebrate! » 9/17/14 2:46pm 23 minutes ago

New Jersey Fire Department Taking Heat for "Show Us Your Tits" Banner

The all-volunteer firemen of the Williamstown Fire Company in New Jersey are catching flack for having raised a banner reading, "SHOW US YOUR TITS," at the state's Firemen's Convention in Wildwood. Shawn Rutter, a college math professor and former EMT, saw the sign and sent a photo to the South Jersey Times. » 9/17/14 2:35pm 34 minutes ago

Many People Are Killing With Rented Guns at Shooting Ranges

In 2009, Marie Moore, pictured above, took her son Mitchell to a Florida shooting range and rented some guns. While Mitchell lined up, Marie killed him with a single shot to the head, then shot herself. She'd had a history of mental illness. She's one of many such Americans who have killed with rented firearms. » 9/17/14 2:23pm 45 minutes ago

The New York Times Could Never Have Published TMZ’s Ray Rice Video

Over the past week, The New York Times has busied itself by dissecting TMZ’s graphic video of Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City casino. This is partly motivated by professional envy: Executive editor Dean Baquet told The Daily Beast that “TMZ had a great scoop. I wish I had it.” But it’s also… » 9/17/14 2:13pm 56 minutes ago

Apple Keeps Steve Jobs' Empty Office Untouched

Like an emotionally abusive high school coach still haunting your anxiety dreams, the specter of Steve Jobs looms over the Apple of today. Maybe preserving his office three years after his death is making that worse. » 9/17/14 1:20pm Today 1:20pm

Jameis Winston To Sit One Half For Yelling "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy"

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will sit out the first half of the Seminoles' game against Clemson Saturday as punishment for yelling "Fuck her right in the pussy" on a table in the middle of campus Tuesday. » 9/17/14 1:17pm Today 1:17pm

Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne Are Reportedly Headed for Divorce

Sad news for fans of hot love, classic tunes, and correctly chosen "looks": it seems Avril Lavigne and husband Chad Kroeger (from Nickelback—you know him) are headed for divorce. » 9/17/14 1:09pm Today 1:09pm

Julianna Margulies and Fallon Sing a School's Morning Announcements

What we forget watching serious drama the Good Wife—with the heels and the jackets and the hair and the objections!—is that Julianna Margulies is actually pretty funny. Namely, she's game for most bits; she's down for letting herself look foolish. So in comes Jimmy Fallon's latest Tonight Show sketch riffing everyday… » 9/17/14 12:44pm Today 12:44pm

Princeton Fop Ted Cruz Is a Green Beret Soldier or Something Now

Ted Cruz, Princeton '92 and creepy bathrobe enthusiast, is really tired of all these nancyboys who run the military, insisting that there must be political reconciliation and trustbuilding to forge stability in Iraq. Is he gonna have to go over there and bloody up some jihadi ass himself? » 9/17/14 12:27pm Today 12:27pm

Report: Ariana Grande Hopes Her Fans All Fucking Die

Ariana Grande, mumbly little peanut on the left, god knows what on the right, has had her tiny share of bad press lately. She's already been accused of wielding a diva-like attitude towards photographers and interviewers, and she's just been accused of wanting all of her fans to fucking die. Classic diva. » 9/17/14 11:31am Today 11:31am

Media Critic Calls Chris Hayes Sexist for "Girl Talk" Reference

Mark Finkelstein, a NewsBusters editor dedicated to "COMBATING LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS" who "spent ten days in Iraq" once, has a scoop: MSNBC host Chris Hayes was really sexist on the air last night. Which is true, if you don't know who Girl Talk is. Mark Finkelstein does not know who Girl Talk is. » 9/17/14 11:15am Today 11:15am

Teens Charged With Murder After Woman Guns Down Intruder in ICP Mask

An Ohio woman shot and killed a local teen on Sunday after he and three other teenagers were allegedly caught trespassing in her home at 4 a.m. At the time of the shooting, the teen was reportedly wearing an Insane Clown Posse mask and standing over the bed of her son holding a knife. Police later discovered that the… » 9/17/14 10:57am Today 10:57am