71 Protestors Arrested in Cleveland After Brelo Acquittal

Police arrested 71 people protesting the acquittal of Officer Michael Brelo in Cleveland on Saturday, the New York Times reports. At a news conference, Chief Calvin D. Williams said they were mostly arrested on charges of aggravated rioting and obstruction of justice. » 5/24/15 2:35pm Yesterday 2:35pm

NYT Summer Reading List Finally Achieves 100 Percent Whiteness

Congrats are in order! Janet Maslin’s annual summer reading list for the New York Times has, at long last, achieved peak caucasity. Maslin’s book selections for summer 2015 all have one glaring fact in common: each author is—wait for it... wait for it—white. » 5/24/15 2:15pm Yesterday 2:15pm

Judge Grants Nick Loeb Permission to Sue for Sofía Vergara's Embryos

On Friday, a judge granted Nick Loeb permission to file a revised complaint against Sofía Vergara, ET Online reports. The revised complaint alleges Vergara violated an oral agreement to bring frozen embryos created from his sperm and Vergara’s eggs to term via a surrogate. » 5/24/15 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

U.N. Official: ISIS is 'Institutionalizing Sexual Violence'

Zainab Bangura, a U.N. special representative, recently concluded a tour of refugee camps that house refugees largely from Syria and Iraq - countries where the Islamic State hold a large amount of territory. The Washington Post reports that she recounted the stories of sexual violence, rape and abuse to Middle East… » 5/24/15 12:19pm Yesterday 12:19pm

Assad Regime Accused of Attacking Civilians in Syria with Chlorine Gas

Civil defense groups in Syria have accused Bashar al-Assad of using chlorine gas in at least 35 attacks on civilians since mid-March, the Guardian reports. “Whenever the regime loses an area or a city it arbitrarily takes revenge on civilians,” said White Helmets’ leader Raed Saleh. “It is targeting civilians.” » 5/24/15 11:26am Yesterday 11:26am