Someone Made a Huge, Fake Hailstone in Their Freezer, Bless Their Heart

People will go to any length for a little bit of internet fame, like setting your crotch on fire, jumping off a building, or planking on train tracks. Thankfully, there are less painful ways to achieve notoriety: lie through your teeth! Some sorry individual froze a water balloon yesterday and tried to pass it off as… » 4/27/15 4:41pm 9 minutes ago

Dancing Protestor Moons Baltimore Riot Cops Live on CNN

As riot police lined up in Baltimore this afternoon in anticipation of an eighth straight day of demonstrations over the death of Freddie Gray, a dancing protestor—or perhaps just a random passer-by—decided to pull down his pants and show them his ass. The perfect moment was captured live on CNN, much to host Brooke… » 4/27/15 3:51pm 59 minutes ago

CEO of Bankrupt Chain Assures All Laid Off Employees, I’ll Be Fine!

You probably never shopped at Caché, a clothing store chain that catered to the prom set, because if you did they wouldn’t be going out of business right now. The company’s hundreds of locations are all shutting down, and all its employees have to show for it is this shitty letter. » 4/27/15 3:40pm Today 3:40pm

How Jason Whitlock Is Poisoning ESPN's "Black Grantland"

Two months ago, just after the end of a long holiday weekend, Jason Whitlock convened a morning meeting at the Los Angeles offices of his ESPN-backed black-interest site, The Undefeated, which is slated to go live this summer. Five days before, to coincide with the NBA All-Star Game, the site had introduced itself… » 4/27/15 3:29pm Today 3:29pm

Empire State Building Gonna Be Lit Up Like a Giant Art Gallery

The Empire State Building—the apple of our apple, the diamond of our city, the second best-looking skyscraper we have—is often lit up for some dumb occasion, like a Yankees win or Christmas day. On Friday, however, art will be the star as the building is illuminated with works from the new Whitney Museum. » 4/27/15 3:15pm Today 3:15pm

Google Attempts to Fight Patent Trolls with a Pretty Dubious Strategy

Google’s legal team has just announced that they’ll be buying as many patents as possible in order to “remove friction from the patent market” and defeat patent trolls, companies that buy patents just to sue people on bogus charges of infringement. But there’s a big problem with this strategy. » 4/27/15 3:03pm Today 3:03pm

Ask an Anonymous Cop: How Often Do Officers Lie Under Oath?

Did you know that police officers lie under oath—or talk about doing so—often enough that the practice has its own slangy portmanteau? (It’s called “ testilying.”) What happens when an otherwise good officer is really bad with his gun? Do cops give a shit if you protest that you’re being arrested unfairly? Once… » 4/27/15 2:10pm Today 2:10pm

Andrea Yates's Ex: I've Never Blamed Her for Drowning Our Five Children

On Saturday’s episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Oprah described Rusty Yates as “a living, breathing example of being able to move forward when the most horrific thing occurs.” He is also one of the most forgiving people on the planet—Yates’s ex-wife Andrea drowned their five children one-by-one in 2001. She was… » 4/27/15 2:00pm Today 2:00pm

Let's Forget About the Anal Bead Thing, Reminds Professor in WaPo Column

Late last month, a Drexel Law School professor briefly became an internet sensation when she accidentally pasted the wrong link into a message to her class. Instead of a great article on writing briefs, they got an educational video: a PornHub clip titled “She loves her anal beads.” » 4/27/15 1:40pm Today 1:40pm

A Closer Look at Game of Thrones Season Five, Episode Three

As we did last season and so far this season, we’ve put together a list of scenes, references, and characters that deserve a special comment or mention. There’s no way we got all the good stuff (and we might be wrong on some of the things we’ve left below)—so please help expand our appendix. » 4/27/15 1:30pm Today 1:30pm

There's No New Housing Bubble--Now Please Buy This DC Garage for $900K

All this talk about investors and cash buyers artificially bidding up housing prices? Ignore it. It’s just talk. Especially to you, since buying’s not an option, because all your money goes to investors and cash buyers as rent. Now, how’d you like to own this pile of bricks in Washington for, like, a million bucks?
» 4/27/15 1:20pm Today 1:20pm

You’re an Adult so Get a Real Mattress: Casper Delivers Comfort + Value

Despite spending a third of our time in bed, mattress shopping remains a dreaded activity. It's a soulless experience riddled with ambiguous terms, a lack of brand differentiation, smarmy sales people, and marked-up prices from major retail chains. Then there's Casper, who, with a direct-to-consumer model and a … » 4/24/15 11:03am Friday 11:03am