What Happened To Fiat's New Charlie Sheen Commercial?

Sometime in early to mid-September, Fiat filmed an ad with Charlie Sheen for the new 2017 Fiat 124 roadster. About a month later, the automaker started showing the ad to groups of dealers and Fiat boosters. On November 17th, Charlie Sheen went on the Today show to admit he was HIV positive, and had paid more than $10… »40 minutes ago11/24/15 5:30pm

What to Give Your One Black Friend: A Holiday Gift Guide

Congrats—you did it! In spite of some racially insensitive comments and “Can I touch your hair?” queries during February, you survived another tumultuous year as a Privileged American Man (I know, I know—I’m surprised, too). Sure, you lost a few friends and family members along the way, but such is life in a… »40 minutes ago11/24/15 5:30pm

Burger King Manager Says Chicago Cops Deleted Surveillence Video of Officer Killing a Teenager

There was surveillance footage of the fatal encounter between Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke and a teenage suspect in the parking lot of a Burger King—until the cops came and a substantial portion of the video mysteriously vanished, a restaurant manager says. »Today 4:15pm11/24/15 4:15pm

Emails Show Politico’s Mike Allen Promised Positive Coverage of Chelsea Clinton

Few journalists are more thoroughly connected to Washington’s power elite than Politico’s Chief White House correspondent Mike Allen. But as newly released emails between the veteran reporter and a former State Department official show, Allen’s coveted access sometimes comes at the cost of his own credibility—as well… »Today 2:15pm11/24/15 2:15pm

Video Shows 4chan White Supremacists Bringing Gun to Minneapolis Protest Days Before Shooting

On Thursday night, four days before unnamed gunmen shot five people at a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis, video surfaced of two men driving toward ongoing demonstrations around the police shooting of Jamar Clark, one of them carrying what appears to be a handgun. “We’re going to see what these fucking dindus… »Today 1:53pm11/24/15 1:53pm

Trump Built a Monument to a Fake Civil War Battle on His Golf Course

Imagine for a second, if you can: Donald Trump mixing up history and lying about stuff. Yes, the man who claims he saw thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey also has an addled memory of Civil War history, according to a report from The New York Times. »Today 12:55pm11/24/15 12:55pm

The Best Black Friday Deals Available Right Now

You’ve reached our hub for all the best Black Friday deals! As you’ve probably already figured out, “Black Friday” is a bit of a misnomer; many of the best deals are available up to a week in advance. Luckily for you, we’ll be adding them all here as they go live, so you can focus on stuffing your face and trying not… »Today 12:45pm11/24/15 12:45pm