Raging Three-Alarm Fire Rips Through East Baltimore Senior Center

A newly constructed senior home sponsored by a church is burning in east Baltimore. The three-alarm blaze is not related to the violent protests that erupted across the city earlier today, according to a fire department spokesman who spoke with the Washington Post. » 4/27/15 9:11pm Yesterday 9:11pm

Maryland Governor Declares State of Emergency in Baltimore

Maryland governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency in Baltimore Monday evening, activating the National Guard to respond to the violent protests that erupted in the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral. » 4/27/15 7:15pm Yesterday 7:15pm

Sandler Producers Caught on Camera Arguing With Native American Extras

You have read the jokes in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix movie The Ridiculous Six that caused Native American extras to walk off the set. Now, you can see a video of Sandler’s producers arguing with the group of Native Americans. “Here’s the thing,” one producer appears to tell the actors in the cell phone footage.… » 4/27/15 6:45pm Yesterday 6:45pm

Someone Made a Huge, Fake Hailstone in Their Freezer, Bless Their Heart

People will go to any length for a little bit of internet fame, like setting your crotch on fire, jumping off a building, or planking on train tracks. Thankfully, there are less painful ways to achieve notoriety: lie through your teeth! Some sorry individual froze a water balloon yesterday and tried to pass it off as… » 4/27/15 4:41pm Yesterday 4:41pm

Dancing Protestor Moons Baltimore Riot Cops Live on CNN

As riot police lined up in Baltimore this afternoon in anticipation of an eighth straight day of demonstrations over the death of Freddie Gray, a dancing protestor—or perhaps just a random passer-by—decided to pull down his pants and show them his ass. The perfect moment was captured live on CNN, much to host Brooke… » 4/27/15 3:51pm Yesterday 3:51pm

CEO of Bankrupt Chain Assures All Laid Off Employees, I’ll Be Fine!

You probably never shopped at Caché, a clothing store chain that catered to the prom set, because if you did they wouldn’t be going out of business right now. The company’s hundreds of locations are all shutting down, and all its employees have to show for it is this shitty letter. » 4/27/15 3:40pm Yesterday 3:40pm