Tweeting Heroes Catch Feds' Surveillance Planes Spying on Baltimore

Last week, we told you about the Department of Homeland Security’s “fusion center” in Baltimore and its ability to spy on Baltimore during the city’s unrest. But where would it get its info? Thanks to a few enterprising Twitter users, we have one possible answer: nondescript spy planes circling the city. » 5/06/15 12:50pm 7 minutes ago

Report: Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Threatened to Kill Ex's Husband

One of the police officers accused of killing Freddie Gray reportedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend two years ago, according to court documents obtained by the Guardian. Lt. Brian Rice, who, the report claims, also has also allegedly threatened to commit suicide, was reportedly disciplined internally for the… » 5/06/15 12:35pm 22 minutes ago

Meet the Wankers Who Want to be Britain’s Prime Minister

Tomorrow, the citizenry of the United Kingdom will cast their votes in a general election. If you’re an American, you may have been too busy tenderly rubbing your genitals on a gun to have read much about this. Who’s fighting to lead this grey and unpleasant land onward into its inevitable irrelevancy? And how do we… » 5/06/15 11:40am Today 11:40am

Anti-Fur Activists Surprise a Beaming Kim Kardashian by Screaming at Her

On Tuesday afternoon, selfie queen and alleged animal murderer Kim Kardashian graced a New York City Barnes & Noble with her esteemed presence, in order to sign copies of her new book of vanities, Selfish. While the line began forming on Monday night, that didn’t stop several animal activists from patiently waiting… » 5/06/15 11:26am Today 11:26am

Family Held Hostage Rescued by Mother's Pizza Order: "Get 911 to Me"

Highlands County, Fla., police were able to rescue a mother and her three children allegedly being held hostage by her knife-wielding boyfriend after the woman made a Pizza Hut order online for one large, hand-tossed pepperoni pizza with special instructions to “Please help. Get 911 to me.” » 5/06/15 11:10am Today 11:10am

Is BuzzFeed Deleting Its “Real Journalism” Articles, Too?

In late 2012, the morning after the second presidential debate, BuzzFeed published an article titled “The Debate Romney Won,” which floated the Romney campaign’s theory that the Republican candidate “came out on top — horserace analysis be damned” in the October 16 debate. The piece is mostly notable for the decision… » 5/06/15 11:07am Today 11:07am

Dismemberment Plan Songs Taylor Swift Should Cover on Her 1989 Tour,…

On the surface, Washington D.C. indie rock band The Dismemberment Plan and Wyomissing, Pennsylvania pop singer Taylor Swift, who just kicked off her 1989 world tour in Japan, have little in common, just kidding. They have a lot in common on the surface: they’re very white, cute, non-threatening, and they seem fun, but… » 5/06/15 9:54am Today 9:54am

Robin Thicke Made Out With a 20-Year-Old On a Plane AHHH Call the Cops

Page Six reports that “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke, 38, was “making out” with his 20-year-old “girlfriend” on a red-eye from LAX to the Caribbean last week. “He was standing in the aisle as people boarded, leaning over to make out with her,” a source claims. Hmm. Why did no one call the cops? » 5/06/15 9:26am Today 9:26am