Storytime With Mom: A Genealogy of Rape

"If two people come together," my mother began, "who've never had any power except by the way of abuse, it's going to be bad. Both of us had power exerted over us as children. I eventually learned that as an adult, I was still doing the dance, seeking out abusive relationships. That doesn't mean it was my fault. But I… » 2/28/15 2:05pm Yesterday 2:05pm

Everyone in Russia Blaming Everyone Else for Opposition Leader's Death

Supporters and allies of the slain Boris Y. Nemtsov have expressed fear that the opposition leader's killing may have come at the behest of the government, the Washington Post reports. The government, meanwhile, has suggested that Nemtsov may have been martyred by other members of the opposition. » 2/28/15 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

The Gawker Review Weekend Reading List [2.28.15]

Pawnee, Indiana was a place of hope and absurd dreams. It was a place where meager, government officials with outsized personalities could stimulate change—no matter how small. With Leslie Knope and her eccentric band of misfits on the case (yes, even Jerry), everything seemed just a little more possible. So as we bid… » 2/28/15 11:47am Yesterday 11:47am

Thanks For the Net Neutrality, Oligarchs

"Net neutrality" will be the law of the land following the Federal Communications Commission's vote to reclassify broadband Internet services as public utilities. Please take some time this week to thank the outspoken citizens who made this possible. These heroes of the open Internet are regular folk, just like you… » 2/28/15 10:47am Yesterday 10:47am

Last Minute Vote Postpones Homeland Security Shutdown by One Week 

Two hours before forcing a shutdown, the House of Representatives agreed to a temporary funding deal for the Department of Homeland Security on Friday night, the Guardian reports. The deal will fund DHS for a week before we have to go through this whole thing all over again.… » 2/28/15 10:10am Yesterday 10:10am

Mark Halperin Is a Bad Theater Critic

Mark Halperin's attempt to "grade" the performances of various Republic 2016 contenders who spoke at CPAC is one of those moments when the veil briefly lifts. He grades each candidate on "substance" and "style," and then presents an "overall" grade that is... not an average of the other two grades. It is clearly… » 2/27/15 7:54pm Friday 7:54pm

Stop Sharing Those Photos of Fancy International School Lunches

By now, you've probably seen (or even shared) the popular set of photos showing delicious, healthful school lunches from around the world, juxtaposed with a photo of the American equivalent, which of course looks like complete dogshit by comparison. Stop sharing it. The images aren't meant to show actual school… » 2/27/15 3:52pm Friday 3:52pm

I Stand With This Dallas Bride Who Just Wants the Right Goddamn Doilies 

This morning, a tipster sent us a local Dallas news story about a bride who is upset that her wedding invitations were delivered with the wrong kind of doilies. The tipster suggested that Gawker "make fun" of this bride, who was so distressed by the mixup that she turned to her local ABC affiliate to air her… » 2/27/15 1:31pm Friday 1:31pm

Dead Cherry Tycoon Reportedly Ran One of NYC's Largest Pot Farms

The pot farm owned and operated by Arthur Mondella, the cherry magnate who killed himself on Tuesday, was reportedly among the largest ever discovered in New York City. The New York Times and New York Daily News report that the grow room—located in Dell's Maraschino Cherries Company's basement, behind a hidden door… » 2/27/15 11:58am Friday 11:58am

What Happens When a Soft Drink Brand Is Scared By Its Own Journalism?

Red Bull is famous for selling orange-tinted poison, but over the past few years it has become increasingly well-known in certain circles for hawking a product much less profitable than energized swill: music, and writing about music. This week, a writer found out what happens when a brand dipping its toes into… » 2/27/15 10:41am Friday 10:41am