The Bahraini Prince Trying To Save Cycling Is A Credibly-Accused Torturer

The tiny island kingdom of Bahrain is something like a smaller Qatar: extremely rich, friendly with the United States, and run by a single family. While Qatar (allegedly) purchased the World Cup—bringing with it thousands of dead slaves—Bahrain, being smaller, appears to have set its sporting ambitions a notch lower.…

What Are the Chances That the Trump Campaign Accidentally Sent That Whitewater Email to Politico On Purpose?

It may look as if Donald Trump’s renegade presidential campaign is run primarily by inexperienced loose cannons who could at any moment help torpedo the candidate’s chances at securing the most unlikely election victory in modern American history, and a new report this afternoon from The Politico seems to confirm that.


Is Mark Zuckerberg Building a Doomsday Bunker on His Palo Alto Estate?

Mark’s Zuckerberg’s plans for world domination are well underway...and they might include his own backyard. The Facebook billionaire and reported pesky neighbor appears to be turning his Palo Alto estate into a fully-formed compound by razing four neighboring homes and building four smaller structures—including one…