Angelina Jolie to Sue Daily Mail Over Leaked "Heroin Addict" Video

It's been a pretty successful week in A-list celebrity relations for the Daily Mail, which just had to apologize to George Clooney after he accused the tabloid of making stories about his fiancée's family, and is now reportedly being sued by Angelina Jolie over a video taken 15 years ago by a man who claims he was… » 7/11/14 3:00pm 29 minutes ago

Texas Gunman Who Killed Six Family Members Fainted in Court

The Spring, Texas shooter who allegedly killed six of his family members execution-style fainted in court today. The Associated Press reports that Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, collapsed after hearing a prosecutor read the charges against him. » 7/11/14 2:45pm 44 minutes ago

Why Everyone Is So Worked Up About LeBron James Again

Just as the World Cup is dwindling down, another sports story has taken over your Twitter feed: the free agency of LeBron James, the best and most famous basketball player in the world. Four years ago James became a national villain after the saga of his first free agency culminated in a one-hour television special,… » 7/11/14 2:03pm Today 2:03pm

The Sun Valley "Summer Camp for Billionaires" Is Boring as Hell

Several centuries ago, executives behind the AOL-Time Warner deal met in private at the annual Sun Valley oligarch conference to plot their own demise. To this day, business reporters are still flown to the sleepy Idaho town, hoping something, anything, will happen. But it doesn't. Sun Valley is fucking dull. » 7/11/14 12:51pm Today 12:51pm

​World's Tallest Thermometer Back On; World's Shittiest Heat Measured

It rose like a beacon above the Mojave Desert—officially proclaiming to weary travelers on the road from Las Vegas to Los Angeles that their skin and central nervous system were indeed in good working order because it really was 95 goddamn degrees outside at midnight. » 7/11/14 12:40pm Today 12:40pm

George Clooney to Daily Mail: Thanks but No Thanks for the Apology

Earlier this week, George Clooney took to the tabloid USA Today to respond to a story about his fiancé's mother that was published in the tabloid The Daily Mail. The Mail has since removed the story and (sort of) apologized, but Clooney is just not having it. » 7/11/14 12:15pm Today 12:15pm

Teen Girl Reportedly Raped as "Revenge" for Another Rape in India

A 14-year-old girl was reportedly raped Tuesday night in a remote village in the Indian state Jharkhand as "revenge" for another alleged rape. According to New Delhi TV, the self-appointed headman of the village ordered the attack, which was allegedly carried out by a 25-year-old man. » 7/11/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm