How To Avoid the Google Shuttle Bus Fee In One Easy Step

San Francisco's big push to make tech corporations pay for years of clogging city bus stops ended with a shrug. Starting today, the 18-month month pilot program will charge a mere $3.55 per-stop fee for shuttle operators. But organizations figured out a way to avoid even that small token of goodwill just by crossing… » 8/01/14 1:24pm 16 minutes ago

Here Is an Israeli Paper Column Titled "When Genocide Is Permissible"

This morning, the not-so-subtly pro-settler, pro-war Times of Israel published an op-ed explaining that genocide is okay when the victims are Gazans. The paper quickly thought better of it, and took down the piece. We saved it here in its entirety, because it's an important window into a terrible mindset. » 8/01/14 12:55pm 46 minutes ago

The Deadliest-Ever Ebola Outbreak: How It Started, and What's Next

Over the last several months, the deadliest-ever outbreak of the Ebola virus has torn through West Africa, claiming hundreds of lives and leaving hundreds more infected. If you're just catching up with the news, here's some of what we know about the disease, its spread, and how it might be stopped. » 8/01/14 12:20pm Today 12:20pm

Stephen Colbert Explains the International Bloom-Bieber Conflict

As tensions increase overseas between the independent state of Orlando Bloom and pockets of extremist Beliebers, you can count on Stephen Colbert to explain the years-long cold war that turned hot this week when Bloom launched a fist at Bieber's face in Ibiza. » 8/01/14 11:01am Today 11:01am

Witness: Leonardo DiCaprio "Flicked" Bieber Away Pre-Ibiza Fight

Details surrounding Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber's Ibiza fight continue to seep out—slowly, allowing us time to savor each new bite—and today's involves Leonardo DiCaprio "flicking" a fight-hungry Bieber away from Bloom's table. » 8/01/14 10:28am Today 10:28am

Google Mystery Barge: Destroyed

If you had your heart set on buying a $1,500 face computer inside a giant barge, your life is fucked: Google looks like it's phasing out the plan for grand, floating Android showrooms, a dystopian-commerce future we couldn't handle and didn't deserve. » 8/01/14 10:15am Today 10:15am