Tipster: Fred Armisen Is Creeping On Women Behind Natasha Lyonne's Back

A few days ago, a tipster emailed us a link to a post on a lesbian discussion forum about Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne. Lyonne has reportedly been dating Fred Armisen for almost a year (they were most recently pictured together at a gala honoring Steve Martin in June, which you see above). But the post… » 7/01/15 3:02pm 53 minutes ago

Rolling Stone's Ode to Kim Kardashian's Smelly, Proud, Bleeding Vagina

Noted attractive person Kim Kardashian is the driving force behind many successful businesses, the star of a hit television show, and the new false god of tens of millions of Instagram followers. This month in Rolling Stone, she is also a “jungle Aphrodite escaped from a forest of big-booty nymphs,” whose “creamy… » 7/01/15 2:43pm Today 2:43pm

As Black Churches Burn, Feds Close In on Suspect in CVS Arson 

Right now, there’s a federal manhunt for the man who burned a Baltimore CVS. After two months of prolonged public investigation, the ATF has finally fingered the man responsible: one Raymon Carter, age 24, black, five-foot-eight, 180 pounds. He’s probably “fit the description” for a decade now—but now, the description… » 7/01/15 2:00pm Today 2:00pm

The Rock Loves Interviews, His Girlfriend, The Word Jabroni, Potatoes

Dwayne Johnson fka The Rock fka Twigs covers August’s Esquire magazine this month. In the interview, he delivers that signature excitement and general joie de vivre that we all know and love. What does The Rock want to shine some light on this time? Oh, everything you can imagine. Anything at all! » 7/01/15 1:24pm Today 1:24pm

Report: Non-Family Molestation Victim Planning to Sue Josh Duggar

According to a report from InTouch, the tabloid that broke the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, one of Josh’s victims is planning to sue him in civil court. The report, which relies entirely on anonymous sources, claims that the suit will be filed by the one victim who is not in the Duggar family.… » 7/01/15 11:50am Today 11:50am

The Prison Break's Lovelorn Tabloid Villain Is No Mere "Shaw-Skank"

Sometime on the night of June 5, two convicted murderers popped out of a sewer near Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York and started running. It took three weeks to stop them; the aftermath left one dead, and the other shot and recaptured. Two prison workers who aided that stunning escape might very well… » 7/01/15 11:48am Today 11:48am

Ask an Anonymous Cop: Do You Write More Tickets at the End of the Month?

You’re driving home from work on a stretch of road you’ve driven hundreds of times before, and without even thinking, you start to push the speed limit, just a little. You do it practically every evening without problems, so why should tonight be different? But as your rearview lights up with blue and red, you realize… » 7/01/15 11:45am Today 11:45am

How Luther Vandross Turned His "A House Is Not a Home" Into the Standard

Today, July 1, marks the 1o-year anniversary of the death of Luther Vandross, who passed away in 2005 after suffering a heart attack. An unparalleled singer, songwriter, and producer, Vandross released 13 albums, recorded hundreds of songs, and won eight Grammy Awards in his lifetime. He was the rare artist who had it… » 7/01/15 11:30am Today 11:30am

Obama: U.S. Will Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

During a press conference this morning that was broadcast live on Cuban TV, President Obama announced that the U.S. has agreed to formally re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. “We don’t have to be imprisoned by the past,” the president said before calling for Congress to lift the 53-year-old embargo. Secretary… » 7/01/15 11:18am Today 11:18am