The Flaws of Meritocracy

When questions of civil rights, or inequality, or discrimination arise, we are often reminded that we are supposed to be striving for an ideal: the ideal of meritocracy, where everyone rises and falls on their own merits. Take a moment to consider the problems with our ideal. » 4/01/15 2:28pm 10 minutes ago

Teacher Takes an Axe to the Nuts in Physics Demonstration Gone Wrong

This painful video is going around today as a story about a teacher who lost his job after accidentally bashing a student in the nuts with the flat side of an axe during a classroom demonstration. But according to someone who was there, it was actually the teacher with his sack on—or rather, just a little too close… » 4/01/15 2:05pm 33 minutes ago

What the Hell Is Going On At American Apparel? 

One by one, the remnants of "old" American Apparel have been stripped away. The company recently fired longtime creative directors Marsha Brady and Iris Alonzo—the latter of whom, according to our sources and as corroborated by an earlier report by Fashionista, was canned without warning, explanation, or… » 4/01/15 1:31pm Today 1:31pm

Jam Pals Johnny Depp and Ryan Adams Are Maybe Banging a Pair of Sisters

Scoooorrreeee YEAH: 51-year-old actor Johnny Depp and his friend, 40-year-old musician Ryan Adams, are allegedly hooking up with sisters. People reports that Ryan has recently taken up with Whitney Heard, the younger sister of Johnny's new 28-year-old wife Amber Heard. Up top! » 4/01/15 1:07pm Today 1:07pm

Arkansas Governor Refuses to Sign Anti-Gay Religious Bill

At a press conference today, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced that he will not sign the anti-gay religious liberty bill passed by state legislature on Tuesday. Instead, Hutchinson—whose own son signed a petition against the act—asked lawmakers to recall the bill and alter it to make it more similar to a federal… » 4/01/15 12:37pm Today 12:37pm

Driver Killed in Shootout at NSA Had History of Prostitution, Robbery

Don't Get Fooled: A Rolling List of Dumb April Fools' Pranks

It's April Fools' Day again, the worst day of the year to be on the Internet. Your Facebook friends are faking pregnancies, companies and celebrities are feebly trying to convince you they've got a sense of humor, and everything that sounds cool is probably just a lie. » 4/01/15 11:14am Today 11:14am

Walmart's Higher Wages Still Not High Enough

With 1.3 million American employees, Walmart has the ability to influence retail wages in a way that no other company does. A new report says Walmart is still stealing from the public treasury. » 4/01/15 10:57am Today 10:57am

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Is Ancient History Completely Made Up By 'The Man'?

Assume a notable story on a notable day in history—the lunar landing, say—was fabricated. Now assume that 400,000 to 2 million such days were concocted. You begin to get a sense of the scope of New Chronology, the "empirico-statistical" theory that much of human history is a fiction assembled to serve the powerful. » 4/01/15 10:18am Today 10:18am

Rest in Peace, World's Oldest Person

Misao Okawa, the world's oldest person, died on Wednesday at the age of 117. Members of her family told the Associated Press that Okawa died of heart failure and stopped breathing at her nursing home in Osaka, Japan. » 4/01/15 10:15am Today 10:15am

Indiana Pizzeria Takes Brave Stand of Denying Gays Pizza for Weddings

Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, has her finger on the pulse of what gays want at their weddings: pizza. But thanks to her home state's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act, she can deny those carb-loving queers the sauce and cheese that they're just probably going stuff up their butts,… » 4/01/15 10:12am Today 10:12am

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Indiana's Anti-Gay "Religious Freedom" Isn't More of the Same—It's Worse

Indiana just passed its own version of a federal law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, due to take effect July 1, making it one of nearly 20 states (and the U.S. Congress) to have enacted such a bill. But while other RFRA bills range from the righteous to the innocuous, Indiana's is pernicious and… » 4/01/15 9:55am Today 9:55am

"How many times you should be having sex each week." As A) an unanswerable question B) about sex C) that people will argue about, this constitutes a story that will never stop being written despite its nonsensical premise, because all of you are too insecure to resist checking. So—how many times??? » 4/01/15 9:30am Today 9:30am

Teresa Giudice Poses for Us Weekly Cover in Prison

This is not a lie or a joke, but a blessing from the baby Jesus she loves so much: Teresa Giudice posed for this week's cover of Us Weekly with her fambly in prison. Her hair is naturally curly, her jumpsuit is army green, and two of her beautiful daughters (Gia and Gabriella) are missing for reasons unknown. » 4/01/15 9:20am Today 9:20am

Teen Knocks Out 60-Year-Old Man in Single Blow at Philly Train Station 

Philadelphia police are searching for a teenager caught on surveillance camera knocking a 60-year-old man out cold on the platform of a SEPTA train station Monday. » 4/01/15 9:11am Today 9:11am

Gas Siphoning Coverup May Have Caused East Village Explosion

Mom Apologizes on Facebook for Shitty Kids' Rude Behavior

Of the few checks on the unrelenting sociopathy of teens, one of the most effective is the tattling little brother. The power of the squealer was recently demonstrated in Birmingham, Alabama, where it allowed a woman to publicly apologize to the people her noxious spawn had wronged. » 4/01/15 1:46am Today 1:46am