What's Next in De Blasio's New York? Seatbelt Requirements in Taxis

Freewheeling rebels with nothing to lose, de Blasio and his safety cronies are coming for you. If the one thing keeping you in New York is the knowledge that riding shotgun in NYC’s taxis means the cool breeze blowing behind your neck and back, the life-affirming push of your hand against the dashboard during a stop… » 4/21/15 5:55pm 4 minutes ago

Conservative Lawyers to Court: Gay Marriage Will Cause 900,000 Abortions

With the Supreme Court gearing up to make an historic decision on same-sex marriage later this month, a group of 100 conservative “scholars” filed a last-ditch attempt to convince the Court to put a stop to all this sin once and for all. Their argument, in short: legalizing same-sex marriage would directly lead to… » 4/21/15 5:46pm 13 minutes ago

Uber Tried to Charge a Passenger $12,000 for Her "Car Ride from Hell"

Gothamist reports on the harrowing tale of a woman who got in an Uber and took the “car ride from Hell” to get from Williamsburg to Midtown East, after which she had to dispute a $12,000 bill for her trouble. Sure, surge pricing was in effect, but she didn’t know it was going to be platinum surge pricing. » 4/21/15 5:25pm 34 minutes ago

Rihanna's Coachella* Pool Was As Perfect As a Pre-Rolled Blunt

Have an opinion about Coachella* or don’t, I don’t care. But let’s all agree that one cool thing about Coachella is a very specific, fleeting bit of internet that I like to call “Celebrity mansion rentals in Palm Springs during Coachella,” in which famous people post photos to Instagram of whatever estates they’re… » 4/21/15 5:00pm 59 minutes ago

Here Are the Best Websites and Apps You Can Use to Track the Weather

We already know that your weather app sucks, but the websites you use probably aren’t much better. One of the most common questions people ask about the weather is “what website/app should I use?” Here’s a list of great resources that will give you all the weather information you want, and more.
» 4/21/15 4:44pm Today 4:44pm

This Emmy-Award Winning YouTube Mechanic Is Full Of Shit

YouTube is a medium where mostly interesting people share mostly interesting things like cat fail videos and safe-for-work porn. However, there are certain outlets that give advice on certain automotive topics, namely the popular Scotty Kilmer channel, that you should take with a nearly lethal dosage of salt. Here’s… » 4/21/15 4:07pm Today 4:07pm

"De Blasio Get on the Pot," Urges Weed Leaf Plane Banner Flying Over NYC

If you gazed skyward in New York City on this sunny 4/21, you may have glimpsed an airplane-borne banner over the Hudson River celebrating and poking fun at our mayor’s widely rumored cannabis habit. “De Blasio Get On The Pot,” it read. “We [weed leaf] NYPD.” » 4/21/15 3:20pm Today 3:20pm

The Blackwater Murders Aren't Blackwater's Fault. They're Ours.

“The overall wild thing that went on here just cannot ever be condoned by the court,” said Judge Royce Lamberth last week, sentencing three former Blackwater security people to 30 years and one day in prison and the fourth to a life term for their roles in the Sept. 16, 2007, shooting of 14 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad. » 4/21/15 2:10pm Today 2:10pm

Charlize Theron Loves Her Dogs as Much as Her Son

Charlize Theron—an actress known primarily for her SoulCycle feud with Tia Mowry—covers the most recent issue of W Magazine, in which she is interviewed about a variety of deeply personal topics: work, life, how she loves her dogs as much as her son, etc. » 4/21/15 1:56pm Today 1:56pm

Get 50% Off One Week of Blue Apron: Fresh Ingredient & Recipe Delivery 

With fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes delivered to your home weekly, Blue Apron cuts down on meal-planning drudgery and focuses on the fun and flavor of home cooking. Even better, Blue Apron is offering Gawker readers the first week - three meals for two people – for just $30, half off the regular price. » 4/17/15 9:55am Friday 9:55am