TLC Drops Duggars While Huckabee Stands by Child Molester

TLC has removed 19 Kids and Counting from its schedule after one of those kids, Josh Duggar, confirmed that he molested four of the others, his sisters, as a teenager. “The fate of the show is uncertain,” a source told TMZ Friday. The network had just run a 19 Kids and Counting marathon the previous day. » 5/22/15 3:52pm 54 minutes ago

Teacher Resigns in Wake of Anti-Gay/-Black Slur Disagreement

On May 12, a senior at Pflugerville High School in Texas named Isaiah Thomas used what’s being reported as “a derogatory term directed towards gay people” in science class. Let’s assume the reason it’s not being said on the local news stations that are covering this story is because it’s a very bad word—probably… » 5/22/15 3:05pm Today 3:05pm

Tomorrowland Is Baby-Boomer Nostalgia At Its Most Dreary

Lots of movies have a wonderful first half, followed by a blah second half. Setup is often easier than follow-through. But Tomorrowland, out today, might become the clearest example of this syndrome. And the reason Tomorrowland falls apart halfway through is because it sinks into Baby Boomer angst. Spoilers ahead...
» 5/22/15 2:00pm Today 2:00pm

Clinton Received Now-Classified Benghazi Emails to Her Private Account

While Hillary Clinton maintained to have only allowed “sensitive but unclassified” information to go through her private email server, that’s no longer technically the case. Earlier today, the FBI ordered that parts of an email containing information about the Benghazi attacks go from unclassified to “secret.” » 5/22/15 1:55pm Today 1:55pm

Writing Lessons: You Are Trying Too Hard

You are a writer. You write features. You are supposed to write a feature about a very famous person at a major sporting event, but the event has not started yet, so you have no new reporting or novel insights on the subject. No one does, and no one can. This is a difficulty, perhaps even a metaphysical difficulty; if… » 5/22/15 1:40pm Today 1:40pm

For Rekia, LaVena, and Shereese: The Importance of #SayHerName

Her name was Shaka and we were in the fifth grade when I decided to kick her square in the stomach. Even though I had a huge crush on her, Shaka’s pain did not matter to me. It didn’t matter to our laughing peers either. Shaka’s pain was irrelevant as I asserted my prepubescent norms of courting. Television shows like » 5/22/15 1:30pm Today 1:30pm Was Hacked, Exposing Millions of Sex-Seekers

Adult Friend Finder, the no-strings sex solicitation service that’s familiar to anyone who’s ever visited a porn site, was apparently just the victim of an enormous data breach, exposing millions of people who clicked banner ads hoping to get laid. » 5/22/15 1:10pm Today 1:10pm