NYC to Pay $3.9 Million to Family of Unarmed Teen Killed by Cop

The family of Ramarley Graham, the unarmed teenager shot and killed in his grandmother's bathroom by an NYPD officer in February 2012, has agreed to a $3.9 million settlement in their wrongful death lawsuit against the city, the New York Daily News reports. » 1/31/15 11:50am Yesterday 11:50am

Unable to Score Lethal Injection Drugs, Ohio Postpones All Executions

After a botched execution left a condemned man writhing and gasping for air, Ohio announced this month that it would be returning to an earlier, sodium thiopental-based lethal injection formula. Now the state says it's delaying all executions until 2016 as it struggles to secure a supply of the drug. » 1/31/15 11:10am Yesterday 11:10am

The Gawker Review Weekend Reading List [1.31.15]

To summarize: Brooklyn continued its transformation into a refuge for the one percent. Rafael Nadal was upset and Novak Djokovic advanced to the Australian Open final. Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynched. A Detroit rapper partnered with a Toronto rapper and released a powerhouse of a song. Jared Leto FLAME CAAAAARR » 1/31/15 11:08am Yesterday 11:08am

Who Would Win if Real Seahawks Played Football Against Real Patriots?

For whatever reason, Americans prefer the Super Bowl to involve men playing football under the names of various animals and soldiers, and not the actual soldiers and animals themselves. Which is why at Gawker, we're asking the only important question: What would happen if a real patriot played against a real seahawk? » 1/31/15 9:00am Yesterday 9:00am

Iggy Azalea Has Been "Bamoozeled With a Tumblr Page"

Does a celebrity who complains as much as Iggy Azalea even enjoy being famous? Today's shit-fit tantrum comes after Steve Madden uploaded photos she doesn't like from an Iggy-branded shoe line. "I'm in shock," sputtered the rapper from the "Clueless" tribute music video. "Tainted with these God awful images..." » 1/30/15 5:53pm Friday 5:53pm

This Winter's Fad for Dummies: The $1200 Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose Jackets are for pricks. The big bulky puffers are distinguishable from other parkas only by a patch. Don't buy one, because they're expensive, and winter sucks enough without being a consumer sucker on top of it all. » 1/30/15 4:27pm Friday 4:27pm

John Carpenter Makes Music, Likes Taylor Swift, Wants To Be King

He's best known for dabbling in the macabre, but when I talked to the 67-year-old director/musician John Carpenter by phone earlier this week, he told me he was "just delighted." We were discussing his new (and first) album John Carpenter's Lost Themes and the glowing reception it has received thus far. Carpenter is… » 1/30/15 3:51pm Friday 3:51pm

Black Dynamite Is the Best Show on TV You're Not Watching

Black Dynamite is the best show on television. Since beginning its second season on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim back in October, Dynamite—an animated spin-off of the 2009 Michael Jai White blaxploitation send-up/homage movie— has depicted the following: Mister Rogers (you know, the army-trained killing… » 1/30/15 1:57pm Friday 1:57pm

The Bizarre Excuses of a Former Revenge Porn Kingpin

The former proprietor of one of the most notorious revenge porn sites on the web, Is Anybody Down, has been hit with an FTC judgment ordering him to destroy the site's archive of nude photos and barring him from putting them back online. Craig Brittain responded with a blog post apologizing for his past actions, then… » 1/30/15 12:58pm Friday 12:58pm