Reddit In Chaos After Allegedly Firing AMA Coordinator Victoria Taylor

If you tried to visit r/IAmA (one of Reddit’s biggest subs) recently, you were probably greeted by the image above. And if you’ve been absolutely anywhere else on the site at all in the past few hours, you probably noticed that everyone is flipping their collective shit over speculation that Victoria Taylor, the… » 7/02/15 9:55pm Yesterday 9:55pm

NY's Most Expensive Restaurant Settles for $500,000 Over Unpaid Tips

Manhattan eatery Per Se—named the best restaurant in the city by The New York Times and the third most expensive restaurant in the world by The Daily Meal—has agreed to pay waitstaff $500,000 for allegedly withholding money from workers that a “reasonable patron” would consider to be tips, Reuters reports.… » 7/02/15 8:30pm Yesterday 8:30pm

Ugly Betty Star Thanks Donald Trump for Rallying Latino Voters

Today, Honduran-American actor America Ferrera expressed her gratitude to Asshole-American Donald Trump in the form of an open letter, thanking the odious toilet-man for “igniting a fire” in the Latino community with his recent, incredibly racist comments about Mexican immigrants. » 7/02/15 6:45pm Yesterday 6:45pm

NASCAR Asks Fans To Please Stop Flying The Confederate Flag

NASCAR effectively revised its prior stance on the Confederate flag today, where the series wouldn’t allow the stars and bars to fly in any official capacity, but would permit fans to fly it as they please. Now the series’ tracks have banded together in asking fans not to fly it at all. » 7/02/15 5:30pm Yesterday 5:30pm

Ben Affleck's New Home Is an Arts and Crafts Style Pad With Canyon Views

With Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s slowly churning divorce finally etched into concrete for eternity, America’s newest Batman is moving out of the couple’s Los Angeles mansion and into... a “private area within the family’s home”! It seems weird, but once you see photos of Affleck’s new digs, you’ll totally… » 7/02/15 4:50pm Yesterday 4:50pm

We Fixed That Awful Homophobic "Coming Out" Video

A bizarre video by conservative nonprofit Catholic Vote has been making the rounds these past couple days. It features brave, young adults who become watery-eyed as they find the courage to “come out”...against gay marriage. Because that video is arguably insensitive and unquestionably absurd, we’re happy to offer the… » 7/02/15 4:20pm Yesterday 4:20pm

Dylann Roof's Sister Allegedly Starts GoFundMe for Cancelled Wedding 

On Saturday, a woman who appears to be the sister of alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof started a GoFundMe page to recover the deposits she lost by canceling her June 21 wedding after her brother’s alleged massacre “destroyed [her] dream day.” Amber Roof’s page, which also sought donations to “pay bills, and to… » 7/02/15 3:27pm Yesterday 3:27pm