Keith Olbermann's Rupert Murdoch Imitation Involves Gawker, Pirates

Looking for a decent excuse to advance his long-simmering feud with Rupert Murdoch and to do a weird Australian/pirate accent, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann seized upon the words of a former News Corp. insider, who claimed in one of our posts this morning that Murdoch fired Jane Friedman from HarperCollins because she… »6/05/08 11:16pm6/05/08 11:16pm

Bravo's Presentation Of The A-List Awards Now Pauses Briefly For Lauren Hutton To Lose Her Mind

Held last night in New York and scheduled to air next Thursday, Bravo's A-List Awards are billed as a night celebrating "the best in Food, Fashion, Beauty, Design and Weatherman Lap-Dance Dispensation." has already started building buzz by leaking highlights online, including Lauren Hutton acceptance… »6/05/08 8:00pm6/05/08 8:00pm

Which Celebrity Spawns Are Dating Before Their 10th Birthday?

We’ve been wondering for a while now when all these obsessed-over spawns of celebrities would finally grow up and start canoodling already. With all the “wombwatching” and “bump” updates screaming at us from the newsstands, all we really want to know is when Lourdes is going to start dating James Wilkie Parker… »6/05/08 7:00pm6/05/08 7:00pm

ConnectU lawyer on the IM transcripts that will totally milk more millions from Facebook

Mark Hornick, the lawyer representing ConnectU's Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, on the "smoking gun" chat transcripts that data forensics expert Jeff Parmet may or may not have discovered on hard drives subpoenaed from Facebook implicating Mark Zuckerberg in grand theft source code: "We don't have them. The courts have… »6/05/08 6:40pm6/05/08 6:40pm