At OutCast CEO Dinner, Robert Scoble greeted us warmly

FERRY BUILDING, SAN FRANCISCO — Let's be clear: Local PR firm OutCast's CEO Dinner event Thursday night wasn't really a dinner — most people ate standing up. Nor were there many CEOs. (I counted one: Jim Louderback of Revision3.) It's a far cry from years past where the decimated post-bubble survivors of San… » 6/06/08 5:20am 6/06/08 5:20am

Tabloid Editors Insane From Brangelina Pressure

The birth of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins is, for celebrity tabloid editors and producers, like a presidential election night, the Superbowl and a moon landing all rolled into one, and the incredible pressure is destroying them one at a time. Bonnie Fuller was an early victim, losing all grip on reality at the… » 6/06/08 2:51am 6/06/08 2:51am

Keith Olbermann's Rupert Murdoch Imitation Involves Gawker, Pirates

Looking for a decent excuse to advance his long-simmering feud with Rupert Murdoch and to do a weird Australian/pirate accent, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann seized upon the words of a former News Corp. insider, who claimed in one of our posts this morning that Murdoch fired Jane Friedman from HarperCollins because she… » 6/05/08 11:16pm 6/05/08 11:16pm

Farmer Wants A Wife, Not A Toilet-Mouth

· Last night's Farmer Wants a Wife—which we're told actually exists and is not an elaborate 30 Rock joke—was the most! shocking! ever!, as contestant Ashley, a "catering sales manager," dropped a few f-bombs on the lonely Missouri field worker. (Who, it bears mentioning, we're almost positive we saw go-go dancing in… » 6/05/08 8:59pm 6/05/08 8:59pm

Oliver Stone Goes Comical, Slightly Negative With First 'W' Poster

If there was ever a doubt that Oliver Stone's land-speed record production of W would be anything but a broad political satire of our outgoing president, let it now be allayed with Lionsgate's first teaser poster for the film. Combining eye-chart aesthetics, lexicographic precision and a surplus of malapropisms and… » 6/05/08 8:55pm 6/05/08 8:55pm

Bravo's Presentation Of The A-List Awards Now Pauses Briefly For Lauren…

Held last night in New York and scheduled to air next Thursday, Bravo's A-List Awards are billed as a night celebrating "the best in Food, Fashion, Beauty, Design and Weatherman Lap-Dance Dispensation." BravoTV.com has already started building buzz by leaking highlights online, including Lauren Hutton acceptance… » 6/05/08 8:00pm 6/05/08 8:00pm

Jimmy Wales reduced to couchsurfing across the globe

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales's travel budget has tightened since the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit which pays Wikipedia's and Wales's bills, cracked down on his expense account. Last year, he told Reuters that he used a website, Extrabed.in, to secure a free crashpad with an Indian blogger on a trip to the… » 6/05/08 7:40pm 6/05/08 7:40pm

Britney Spears Practices For Upcoming Driving Test


Singer/How I Met Your Mother star Britney Spears was spotted in Beverly Hills brushing up on her driving skills while using one of her sons' Power Wheels Escalades. Spears enjoyed being back behind the wheel, despite only being able to drive a mile an hour and having no access to a satellite radio or… » 6/05/08 7:40pm 6/05/08 7:40pm

Michael Arrington reviews gadget without actually using it

Michael Arrington has made no secret of his ambitions to off CNET. The TechCrunch editor might want to spend some time studying the ways of his prey, though, before he moves in for the kill. For example: Gadget critics normally spend time with the devices they report on before reviewing them. Citing an embargo he… » 6/05/08 7:20pm 6/05/08 7:20pm

Which Celebrity Spawns Are Dating Before Their 10th Birthday?

We’ve been wondering for a while now when all these obsessed-over spawns of celebrities would finally grow up and start canoodling already. With all the “wombwatching” and “bump” updates screaming at us from the newsstands, all we really want to know is when Lourdes is going to start dating James Wilkie Parker… » 6/05/08 7:00pm 6/05/08 7:00pm

ConnectU lawyer on the IM transcripts that will totally milk more…

Mark Hornick, the lawyer representing ConnectU's Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, on the "smoking gun" chat transcripts that data forensics expert Jeff Parmet may or may not have discovered on hard drives subpoenaed from Facebook implicating Mark Zuckerberg in grand theft source code: "We don't have them. The courts have… » 6/05/08 6:40pm 6/05/08 6:40pm