Shocking Photos From Colorado's Deadly Floods

Since Wednesday morning, parts of Colorado have been devastated by floods caused by record-setting rainfall. At least six people have been killed, and more than a thousand are still unaccounted for. About 1,500 homes were completely destroyed, with another 18,000 damaged, and 11,700 people have been evacuated. Here… »9/16/13 12:44pm9/16/13 12:44pm

'A Town Destroyed for What Two People Did': Dispatch from Steubenville

A few hours before Steubenville High School’s first football game of the 2013 season, a six-year-old held my hand and showed me the two photos of cute teenage boys on her “big girl” bedroom walls: Justin Bieber and Cody Saltsman. She wore a tiny jersey with Cody’s number—he’s a senior wide receiver/defensive back for… »9/16/13 12:28pm9/16/13 12:28pm

Two Years Later, Occupy Is Gone, But We'll Always Have Hipster Cop

Tomorrow is September 17th, the second anniversary of the start of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park. A number of new books and commentary pieces mark the lasting political impact movement. But we should also remember the Occupy memes that touched our lives. Above is an image posted by … »9/16/13 12:26pm9/16/13 12:26pm

Pranksters Tip Servers $200, Record Their Reactions

Looking to get back on the Internet's good side after a couple of prank videos that were deemed a bit rapey, LAHWF and his buddy Stuart Edge armed themselves with a whole bunch of 20 dollar bills and went around to a few late-night diners in Orem, Utah, to leave behind some "record-setting" tips. »9/16/13 12:15pm9/16/13 12:15pm

Uber CEO on Driver "Assault": It's Not Real and We're Not Responsible

Late Saturday night, Bridget Todd, a writer, activist, and former lecturer at Howard University, tweeted at taxi dispatch startup Uber that she'd been choked by the driver she'd ordered on Uber's smartphone app—apparently because he was angry at her interracial relationship. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's response, in an… »9/16/13 11:41am9/16/13 11:41am

These Inspiring Self-Portraits Show a Side of Haiti You Rarely See

The Self-Portrait Project is a visual archive project. It uses a two-way mirror and a remote trigger to enable the user to take photos of him/herself when and how he/she chooses. I built the first one in 2009, and since then, it’s become well-known in parts of Brooklyn and beyond. »9/16/13 9:57am9/16/13 9:57am

Video That Proves Pro Wrestling Is Fake Also Proves It's Pretty Real

A video that made the rounds over the weekend aims to "expose" the WWE — and pro wrestling writ large — as the fake thing most of us know it is by splicing together a few moments from matches showing the wrestlers announcing moves in advance and generally confirming the script with their colleagues. »9/16/13 9:49am9/16/13 9:49am