Swett, South Dakota might not have the most glamorous-sounding name, nor much more than a "bar, workshop, three trailers, and a single house," but if you're in the market for complete town ownership, you can't beat the price. For $400,000, all of Swett could be yours.

The town is currently owned by one man, the enterprising Lance Benson. Benson is ready to let go of town ownership so he can focus more on his other business in traveling concessions.

According to the Rapid City Journal, Swett has shrunk over the years as more residents moved to urban areas.

Like many rural towns in America, Swett has shrunk dramatically over the past century as its inhabitants migrated to urban centers. Once a town of about 40 people in the 1940s — with a post office, a few houses, and a grocery store — the town now stands as little more than a few ramshackle buildings along U.S. Highway 18.

The town's population is only two people: Benson and his new wife. The Swett Tavern, the local watering hole is apparently the beating heart of the area, bringing in rogue cowboys and a little rough Western charm.

One bar, one house, and only a few hundred thousand dollars. Think about it.

[Image via Rapid City Journal]