Three people were wounded in a shooting today at Santa Monica College, and a suspect has been detained in the college library.

According to CBS L.A., a man was seen "shooting at cars just after noon," while students—currently taking finals—were seen "scrambling for safety." The extent of the injuries is unclear.

President Obama is holding an event a few miles away, though it's unknown whether or not the shooting is related. The Secret Service has been notified.

Here's a photo, apparently of a "bus with bullet holes":

Update 7:33: Chief Seabrooks confirms that so far at least seven people are dead from today's violence: Six who were killed by the gunman and the suspect himself.

Update 7:27: Chief Seabrooks said she wants to make it clear that today's incident was not a "school shooting." It began off campus and eventually moved to the college.

Update 7:21: Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks just confirmed in a press conference that the gunman, who has yet to be identified, was shot and killed by police at the Santa Monica College library. Another "person of interest" is in custody, as the police believe the dead gunman may not have been acting alone.

Update 7:07: KPCC reports that one of the female shooting victims being treated at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has died. A press conference with Santa Monica police is expected shortly.

Update 6:39: Santa Monica College is off lockdown and students are finally being allowed to leave.

Update 6:31: CNN reports that one person has died "in connection with a shooting at Santa Monica College." Eyewitnesses say the shooter appeared to be wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying an AR-15 rifle.

Update 6:19: Witnesses speaking to KTLA and KPCC have reported seeing what they presumed to be a dead body on the ground near the Santa Monica College library, but authorities have yet to confirm that rumor.

Update 5:56: Finals have been cancelled at Santa Monica College.

Update 5:36: KPCC reports that two people were hurt when the gunman opened fire on the city bus. One person was grazed by a bullet and suffered non-life-threatening injures and another was hit by broken glass. There are now at least six people being treated in area hospitals due to the shooting.

Update 5:26: The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is treating three women shot at Santa Monica College. Two are in critical condition and one is in serious condition. The woman shot in front of the burning house is at UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica and is said to be in good condition, according to KPCC. The suspected gunman is in custody.

Update 5:23: An eyewitness fired on by the gunman at Santa Monica College tells KPCC the gunman was a 5'10" Caucasian male armed with "an assault rifle, of course."

Update 5:17: KCRW, a public radio station on the Santa Monica College campus, is being evacuated.

Update 5:10: This from public radio station KPCC: "A short man who told reporters his name was Michael Lim was taken away by police in handcuffs from near the campus library. He told reporters that it was because he found guns, and that he was on campus meeting his ex-girlfriend."

Update 4:54: KTLA is now reporting that there were two dead men in the house, which wasn't on Santa Monica College, but near it. The woman was shot in a vehicle in front of the home.

Update 4:47: KTLA reports that firefighters have been able to squelch the house fire. A firefighter confirmed that there were two people in the house who had been shot: one female, who was wounded, and one male, who was dead. The firefighter said the fire appeared "suspicious." The female is now being treated at UCLA Medical Center.

Update 4:02: The shooting appears to be unrelated to Obama's visit. The three victims were shot inside a car on or near the campus.

Update 4:13: Police believe the shooter may be the man who started this house fire: