The Seattle Police Department just released a set of documents better describing Aaron Alexis' "malicious mischief" arrest mentioned in the post below. "Mischief" sounds like what you did on Halloween in high school. What Aaron Alexis was arrested for in 2004 is quite a bit different:

The victims reported seeing a man, later identified by police as Alexis, walk out of the home next to their worksite, pull a gun from his waistband and fire three shots into the two rear tires of their Honda before he walked slowly back to his home north of the construction site.


Following his arrest, Alexis told detectives he perceived he had been "mocked" by construction workers the morning of the incident and said they had "disrespected him." Alexis also claimed he had an anger-fueled "blackout," and could not remember firing his gun at the victims’ vehicle until an hour after the incident.

Seattle Police detectives had subsequent meetings with Alexis' father, who told them his son suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being involved with rescue efforts on 9/11.

A federal official who spoke anonymously to the Associated Press said that he believed Alexis had a concealed carry weapon permit in Texas, despite an apparently recorded history of being prone to violent, rage-induced fugue states.