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Gawker welcomes written submissions from outside contributors and is happy to pay authors for work accepted for publication on the site. Reported stories/essays and personal essays are the types of things we like to read and consider for publication. Submissions can be emailed to Please include your submission in the body of the email. Please limit your submissions to 1200 words. Authors of essays accepted for publication will be notified within a week of submission.

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John Cook
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Lacey Donohue
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Adam Pash
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What Is Gawker?

Gawker is your one-stop guide to media and pop culture. It is the place you come to learn the real story—the account you won’t (or can’t) find anywhere else. For more about Gawker’s mission, read here. For more about Gawker Media Group, the blog’s parent company, read here.

Gawker’s coverage is broken down over ten sections and a handful of personal blogs. Here’s a quick directory of the sections:

Valleywag: Silicon Valley news and gossip
Defamer: Hollywood gossip, entertainment news, movie coverage
Domesticity: Home, lifestyle, parenting
Morning After: Everything TV
Gawker Review of Books: Books and everything that’s in books
True Stories: First-person accounts of real-life events
TKTK: Media news and power gossip
Justice: Politics, justice, labor, inequality
Weird Internet: Internet culture, cybersecurity, dark web dealings

And the personal blogs:

The Vane: Dennis Mersereau’s home for weather and weather media reporting
Dog: A dog, with a blog
Sausage: Behind the scenes in the Gawker editorial process, such as it exists
Antiviral: Jay Hathaway debunking, busting, and fact-checking the worst of the viral web

For more about this publishing structure, read here.