If you're a grown man, you should not be fighting someone in the street over a parking place. But if you are going to fight someone in the street, these guys are role models for how to end that fight.

THE SCENE: Black shirt guy and white shirt guy are fighting, in the street, over a parking space. Black shirt guy has clearly done some boxing, but is mostly interested in showing off the fact that he has moves, rather than in actually hurting someone. White shirt guy is mostly interested in making sure that his baseball hat is not knocked off at any point in the fight.

DIALOGUE WE IMAGINE OCCURS AT APPROXIMATELY THE 0:36 MARK OF THE ABOVE VIDEO, FOLLOWING A HALF MINUTE OF PEPPY SPARRING BETWEEN THE TWO COMBATANTS: "What? What do you want? You want more? You done? You done? It's whatever. You done? I don't even care. You done? If you're done them I'm done. You done? Fine. Fine. Forget it. I gotta go to work."

Peace be with you all.

[Via Daily Intel. Thanks, JRL]