Alec Baldwin is having a rough day. Thursday morning, he attended James Gandolfini's funeral, so emotions were running high. Then the Daily Mail published a report that Baldwin's wife had tweeted throughout Gandolfini's funeral service. Alec...well, he didn't have the best reaction to the Mail's report.

Baldwin finished the rant by telling his followers that he no longer had a publicist because he fired them (no kidding) and that the Daily Mail's report was full of “fucking blatant lies.

And then he signed off from Twitter, maybe for good.


Baldwin's wife also denied the Mail's claims:

Well. At least Baldwin didn't call Stark a "coon" or a "crackhead."


UPDATE: It looks like Baldwin deleted his Twitter account. Below is a screen grab of the rant before he took it down.

UPDATE 2: The Daily Mail apparently removed George Stark's byline and replaced it with one that reads "Daily Mail Reporter."