If there's anything Alice Cooper loves, it's eyeliner. A close second for the 66-year-old musician are burgers that are about half the size of regular burgers, the kind that many call "sliders." So it was an honor for Cooper when he was inducted into White Castle's Craver Hall of Fame on Monday.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that a crowd of 250 watched as Cooper shared stories of his first experiences with the little tiny burgers during a ceremony at the White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Cooper was asked, "If White Castle exists in heaven, what do you hope the person behind the counter says to you when you reach the pearly gates?"

"Do you have any Pepsid AC with you?"

Cooper then pitched the idea that there should be White Castle aftershave, which further proves that Cooper was given this honor for a very valid reason.

Other members (read: legends) inducted into the Craver Hall of Fame include Father John Stavropoulos of Canton, Ohio, the "Creators of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", and Steven Luch and Nips the Pig of Detroit, Mi.

[Image via AP]