Americans Demand See-Thru Packaging, Or Else

Americans don't trust anything they can't see with their own two eyes, except for government assurances of nefarious activities by strategically hated foreign enemies. That's why see-thru packaging is now "a must" for all American garbage foodstuffs.

It's not just meat we want to look at; the Wall Street Journal says that food companies in all areas of foodlike-substance are rushing to make their packaging see-thru, so that Americans can peer into the package before they buy it and conclude, wrongly, "mmm—looks tasty." How bitter have the see-thru packaging wars become? This bitter:

Earlier this year, Kind Healthy Snacks, maker of bars and granola in transparent packages, sued competitor Clif Bar & Co. for switching to transparent wrappers on its fruit-and-nut bar...

As Clif worked to redesign its Mojo bars, it hoped to use transparent wrappers "to compete head-to-head with Kind," according to court documents that cite internal Clif Bar employee emails. Clif now sells Mojo bars in clear wrappers... The suit is ongoing, says a Kind spokeswoman.

Hey.... you can't let people see your bars. That's somehow wrong.


[Photo: FB]