Our hate mail this week questioned the nature of tips@gawker.com, proposed a great idea about buying gold dust bars, and suggested some confusing courses of action. Some examples of the enlightened correspondence sent to us this week are included below.

Addressed to tips@gawker.com. (I would suggest story ideas, shout-outs, and amusing finds, but a blank email works as well.)

SUBJECT: Like what kind of tips?

BODY: [Blank]

Du respect to you too, man.

SUBJECT: hello

BODY: Dear

with all du respect, i lead a group of suppliers

in gold dust and bars from west africa.

we are looking for partners or buyers in europe , asia ,

america for the quantity of gold of 22 carat and 95% of purity origin

from guinea conakry we currently have.

we are abble to bring the said gold anywhere the buyer want us too

after discussing about the proccess and sign sale and purchase agreement.

waitting for your urgent reply to send you some certificat of the gold we have now.

i'm presently with that said gold at morocco in transit .

Thank you

best regards

None of those suggestions make too much sense, but keep working on your syntax and get back to us.

SUBJECT: Hey asshole

BODY: Go fuck yourself, sodomite. Go queering in the closet. Go eat the pee from a dick. It is so provoking.

That's all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

[images via Olly, Rangizz, Konstantin Sutyagin, Shutterstock]