Because of his androgynous facial features, YouTuber user Jumbled is occasionally mistaken for a sex other than his own.

So, naturally, he decided to use his power to "pass" for female to prank strangers on the video chat site Omegle.

Needless to say, a few users were dicks about the revelation and had to be put in their place.

In an impromptu AMA on Reddit, Jumbled says he found it "pretty scary that a majority of people were assholes about it."

Surprisingly, however, it was Omegle's less-than-savory demographic that turned out to be the most gender neutral about Jumbled's switcheroo.

"Honestly a lot of those dudes jacking it didn't even care," he says. "They just kept saying tits over and over again."

Well, it's a start.

[H/T: Reddit]