The public corruption trial of ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen continues to provide the drama we all hoped it would. In an effort to convince the jury that he and his wife did not conspire to take money and gifts in exchange for political favors, Bob has testified that his marriage was, and is, in shambles. He even said he moved in with a priest at a local rectory to drive the point home.

That priest, as the Daily Kos points out, once pled guilty to "frequenting a bawdy place" after getting caught with another man in a parked car at a Norfolk park in 20o2. According to The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Fr. Wayne Ball was reassigned to another Catholic church after the incident.

It's worth pointing out now that McDonnell worked tirelessly to block and dismantle gay rights during his time in office—in 2010, he sneakily removed discrimination protections for LGBT workers in Virginia by executive order. He also viciously defended the state's gay marriage ban and suggested gay parents are inferior to straight ones.

Yesterday, during cross-examination, prosecutor Michael Dry suggested that the McDonnells' marriage might not be as broken as Bob says it is. Dry provided photos of the couple holding hands as evidence and noted that the two took 18 vacations together over a period of 22 months. McDonnell responded by saying those excursions were "trips, not vacations."

The McDonnells face heavy fines and jail time if convicted.

[Photo of Ball and McDonnell after the McDonnell's indictment via AP]