Celebrity nude leaks are most often met with a respectable amount of fanfare and jubilation, irrespective of the celebrity's place in the Hollywood hierarchy.

On rare occasions, the nude pics might even be granted instant icon status.

But Roswell star Shiri Appleby's alleged nude pic leak couldn't even muster a meh from most corners of the net.


The full-frontal selfie in question first appeared online late last week, and proceeded to drip its way down some of the seedier websites dedicated to celebrity nudes (not to be confused with the classier websites dedicated to celebrity nudes).

A few intrepid Internet sleuths took on the necessary task of uncovering identifying marks to ensure the pic was legit.


For the most part, however, news of the leak never made it past the gatekeepers to the web writ large.


Some suggest the so-called "leak" isn't so much a leak but rather a calculated promotional stunt given the proximity to Appleby's appearance on HBO's Girls.

And speaking of Appleby's cameo, another possible explanation could be that her pornographic turn (NSFW) left little to the imagination.

Meanwhile, some are insisting it isn't even Appleby, and the actress herself has so far remained mum.

And speaking of mum, Appleby is currently "fully preggers" as one denizen of the underweb put it, so this is likely the last nude pic of her that's likely to emerge for some time.

And that alone deserves at least an honorable mention.

[H/T: Egotastic, photo right via Getty]