A teenager who allegedly tried to steal a $160 pair of Air Jordans last week literally paid an arm and a leg for them when his victim ran him over with a car in a violent incident caught on video.

According to reports, 17-year-old Zachary Sam had arranged to buy the shoes from 39-year-old Philippe Pierre on Friday afternoon in Brooklyn. But when Sam got into Pierre’s car, he allegedly pulled a gun and took the shoes without paying. Surveillance video, gratuitously overlaid with an ominous score, shows Pierre immediately made a U-turn and mowed Sam over, severing the teen’s arm in the process.

Incredibly, Sam escaped the carnage and boarded a city bus, leaving the arm behind and providing this story, via the New York Post:

Sam got out from under the car, he said, and ran inside a city bus.

“Everyone is screaming, ‘Come back, come back, your arm. You’re bleeding too much,’” Fleur said.

Sam then got out of the bus and started running down Avenue M, he said, before finally collapsing in the street.

Doctors reportedly attempted to reattach the arm, and both men are headed to jail, where everyone’s wearing Pumas anyway.

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