A porn distributor says the freshman frat bro who outed Duke University porn star Belle Knox is probably a paid subscriber of a hardcore rough sex site.

Mike Kulich, CEO of Monarchy Distribution, published an open letter to tattletale Duke freshman Thomas Bagley, thanking him for congratulating him on being a member of FacialAbuse.com. (Knox told the Duke Chronicle that Bagley recognized her while watching porn. He claims she told him her secret herself.)


Kulich went on to sarcastically compliment Bagley's taste in porn and offer to let Bagley fly to Los Angeles and "bang ANY porn star you want" on camera.

"We will make you a celebrity because it is apparent how much you love porn and attention," Kulich wrote.


Along with the free plane ticket and the aforementioned "banging," Kulich is offering Bagley $10,000—"a lot of money for a kid like you."

But the deal gets sweeter. Maybe.

"ALSO, for every inch you are packing over 4, I will throw in an EXTRA $1,000. Get your tiny pecker out here," Kulich wrote.

Considering that Kulich is the same porn CEO who offered Amanda Knox—Belle's porn-namesake—$20,000 to do a scene, the letter should be read as a shameless publicity stunt.

Bagley hasn't yet responded to the offer, or to the allegations that he's a devotee of facial abuse.

Correction: Kulich clarifies that he is not affiliated with facialabuse.com and doesn't have any personal knowledge about whether Bagley is a subscriber. He just knew facialabuse as the site where Bagley must have seen Knox.

"The main point of my letter was to point out that as a consumer of porn, consumers have no right to judge and shame the people they watch," he wrote on Twitter.

[H/T: CLTampa, Photo Credit:Belle Knox/Twitter]