"Maakies" cartoonist Tony Millionaire, or his cartoon alter ego Drinky Crow, has delivered a vivid and much needed denunciation of the gristle-laced food-engineering debacle known as the "drumstick," one of the worst popular items of food, and one of the least appealing offerings from the generally delicious carcass of a chicken.

So many other parts of the chicken are more pleasing and user-friendly—even the gristly parts, so long as they are honest (unlike the drumstick) about their gristly nature. Here is where the drumstick falls in the "pecking order," as it were.

1. The thigh

2. The "pope's nose"

3. The wing

4. The oyster

5. The breast (on the bone)

6. The liver

7. The foot

8. The back

9. The heart

10. The drumstick

11. The neck

12. The gizzard

13. The "boneless breast"

Tony Millionaire's latest "Maakies" collection, Green Eggs and Maakies, is being published next week, and is available for pre-order.

[Illustration by Jim Cooke]