For the second straight day, powerful storms swept across the southern United States, killing at least 13 people in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. The death toll from two days of severe weather in the region now stands at 29.

At least eight people were killed in Mississippi, including six in Winston County. One woman was killed as she took shelter in a day care—it's not clear if any children were there at the time—and another died as drove in the storm. The Winston Medical Center, which housed 24 patients during the storm, was heavily damaged.

"We thought we were going to be OK then a guy came in and said, 'It's here right now,'" Dr. Michael Henry, head of the emergency room, told the Associated Press. "Then boom ... it blew through."

Nearly every building in a two-block area in downtown Tupelo, Miss. was destroyed in the storms. Jason Shelton, Tupelo's mayor, described the damage as "devastating."

At least three people died in Alabama—two in Athens and one in Tuscaloosa— and two were killed in Lincoln County, Tennessee, which borders northern Alabama.

More than 37 million people face severe weather warnings as the deadly storm system moves east Tuesday and Wednesday.

[Image via AP]