At least 47 people were killed after a plane crash landed in Taiwan, according to Taiwanese media reports. Eleven people were injured in the crash.

TransAsia Airways flight GE222 crashed on one of Taiwan's Penghu islands, Taiwan's Central News Agency reports. Local media is also reporting that the plane crashed into at least two houses.

From the South China Morning Post:

The flight was originally planned to set off from Kaoxiong at 4pm, but was delayed to 5.43pm due to the typhoon.

Because of the bad weather at Penghu, the flight's first attempt to land failed.

At 7.06pm, the captain requested another landing, but subsequently lost contact with the control tower.

The plane was later found crashed near the village of Xicun. Local residents saw flames around the plane.

54 passengers, including four infants, and four crew members were onboard, according to the flight's passenger list.

UPDATE 10:07 am: According to People's China Daily, 47 people are confirmed dead and 11 were injured. Initial Taiwanese media reports put the death toll at 51.