At least 60 Libyan policemen were killed and 200 wounded after a truck bomb exploded Thursday near their base, officials said. According to the Associated Press, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but a group affiliated with ISIS has been trying to establish a presence in the town.

The bombing took place in the Western Libyan town of Zliten, the AP reports. The Islamic State has lately attempted to expand westward from its stronghold in Sirte, on the coast.

From the New York Times:

Capt. Adel Erhoma, a security officer in the town who visited the camp after the explosion, said it had occurred early on Thursday as cadets gathered. The attackers drove a water truck filled with explosives through the camp’s gates before detonating the explosives in the camp’s yard, which was packed with cadets, Captain Erhoma said.

“There is nothing left from the truck but metal shrapnel,” he said, adding that hospitals were overwhelmed because more than 150 people had been wounded.

The affiliate group’s fighters have also launched an offensive on the towns east of Sirte, where an important oil port is located. Attacks in the town of Ras Lanuf have left at least seven tanks of crude oil on fire, the Times reports, and on Thursday a suicide bomber killed at least seven people in an attack on a checkpoint.

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