In listening to New Mexico governor Susan Martinez argue with and vaguely threaten officers and security personnel who responded a noise complaint coming from her hotel room after her staff’s holiday party, one unconfirmed assumption could reasonably have been made: The governor was drunk.

Not hammered, out-of-control wasted, but definitely somewhere in the neighborhood of tipsy. Police who attended to the situation at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa—in which it was believed that people in Martinez’s room were throwing bottles from the balcony, a claim she strenuously denies—declined to file a report, and thus do not appear to have given Martinez a breathalyzer. But in further audio, released today by the City of Santa Fe, this time from an officer’s belt loop recorder, a hotel security guard and the officer both agree on what seemed obvious: the governor was drunk (via NM Political Report).

The audio above first contains Martinez denying to the officer that anyone was throwing anything from her room. He clarifies to her that the most recent complaint regarding her party was about general noise. After various unintelligible crosstalk, the officer speaks with the hotel security guard who first responded to the noise:

Officer: Okay so, obviously, you’re not going to be able to move her.

Security guard: Yeah, I know.

Security guard: [unintelligible]

Officer: Yeah, that’s fine. What can we do to resolve this?

Security guard: Honestly, you know, I’ve really only been working here for a month and a half so this is actually my first kinda run-in with this sorta thing. It’s never been the governor—I would never expect the first time it would be the governor. So, I, uh, really don’t know what to do in this situation because I can tell she’s... she’s... kinda...

Officer: Inebriated.

Security guard: Yes.

The officer then gives the security guard his card in case there are further complaints so that he can directly contact the governor’s security detail, though that did not appear to be necessary.

Martinez, for her part, reiterated in previous calls that her room was merely having an innocent pizza party. The security guard does note that he observed a pizza delivery man at the room, and we all know that hotel delivery pizza is a sure sign of one of two things: Crushing, lonely desperation or a fuckin’ party.

[image via AP]

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