While the US is holding hearings on the military's disturbing sexual assault problem with an (almost) all-male panel, Australia's Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison is getting down to brass tacks: If being civil toward female soldiers and respecting their contributions to the service does not suit you, "then get out."

Lieutenant General David Morrison delivered those unequivocal words in a PSA posted this week to the Australian army's official YouTube account.

The message was recorded in response to an ongoing investigation into the distribution of "explicit emails and photos" circulated by at least 17 service members, including officers, with the intent to denigrate female soldiers.

"If you become aware of any individual degrading another, then show moral courage and take a stand against it," General Morrison goes on to say.

"I will be ruthless in ridding the army of people who cannot live up to its values," he exclaims, "and I need everyone of you to support me in achieving this. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept."

[H/T: MetaFilter]