Authorities in France noticed something very strange when a Air France cargo flight arrived from Venezuela: it contained 30 suitcases that weren't registered to anyone on the plane, or anyone expecting to pick up the cargo. Intrigued, the officials opened the bags and found 1.3 tons of pure cocaine. That's a lot of cocaine.

Officials are calling it the biggest drug bust ever made in Paris (which is saying a lot). On the street, the drugs would have been worth an estimate $270 million. The flight originated in Caracas, and arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport on September 11th.

Spanish, British and Dutch police all assisted in the investigation that led to the massive cocaine bust. The investigation demonstrated the "importance of strengthening international cooperation in the fight against traffickers,"according to French Interior Minister Manuel Valls. Investigators report that several members of a crime organization have been arrested in Venezuela in connection with the drug bust.

Now the French will have to hold on to the massive amount of cocaine while continuing their investigation. But with 1.3 tons... who would know if just a kilo went missing?