Beatrice the dog was stolen from her backyard in Milwaukee, burned over the majority of her body, and then left in the cold for eleven days. When she was rescued, several veterinarians vowed to save her—for free, and with the help of some pigskin.

Pig skin grafts have, until now, only been used on humans, but the process became necessary for Beatrice when it was discovered that her burns were not healing fast enough. A foot-long piece of pig skin was donated for her operation, making her the coolest dog-pig hybrid this earth has ever seen.

Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, the vet who took care of Beatrice for free, put the dog's recovery poignantly:

"Everyone has this sense of love for something that just isn't fighting back and has no fight back and has no say because they can't talk, they can't get away, they can't do anything."

The pigskin, as it eventually heals, will fall off of Beatrice's body. Beatrice's owner, Karen Burns, with whom the dog was reunited, remarks that the dog is "not completely defeated by this."

The man who police believe is responsible is being held in county jail on other charges. And in related cute dog news, here are some dog shelter dogs with wily personalities.

[Image via AP]