Does duly elected US president Barack Obama care about "issues" such as "helping people?" Or was his motivation for seeking power simply to be able to exercise his power over innocent people while cackling evilly? You be the judge, based on the following shocking facts.

Paranoia message board THEBLAZE.COM brings to you several shocking vines that constitute legal proof that US president Barack Obama was in the city of Los Angeles yesterday—and, furthermore, that the president, who is "too special" to drive his own car, and who in fact is "so special" that he needs not just one car but an entire motorcade of cars just to get from Point A to Point B, did presumably direct this motorcade to drive down a Los Angeles street even while a woman was sitting on the side of that street on a bench in labor, because she was pregnant, with an unborn American citizen.

Yesterday afternoon, an American mother suffered. She could have popped out a child right there on the dirty Los Angeles concrete, as Barack Obama sped by, ensconced in air conditioned safety glass, eying his brutal kingdom, likely while being fellated by a low-ranking staff member, dreaming of his father, cackling at his good fortune. And that woman could have named that baby "Barack," and each time that she gazed upon it, she could have felt once again the consuming frustration and rage of that afternoon yesterday, when no help could come to her, because the road was shut, because Barack Obama's motorcade was coming through. Eventually that baby Barack would have grown into a bitter and sociopathic young man, because his mother could not suppress her rage at his hateful name. A pair of lives ruined. A baby who began without a chance. And an imperial president, speeding by, free of care, corrupted by power.

Turns out she still hadn't had the baby even 12 hours later though. Lucky, cause that baby would have been so fucked up.

[Photo: Flickr]